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Happy birthday woman:Birthday wishes,quotes and messages for woman

Happy birthday woman-Birthday wishes,quotes and messages for woman

Happy birthday woman,whether it’s a great friend, a beloved family member or your loved one, if you are looking for sweet birthday wishes that you can send to that great woman in your life, then you are at the right place. Here, we have a fantastic compilation of some of the best birthday wishes for a woman that will surely bring a smile to her face and make her birthday feel even more enjoyable and special.

Happy birthday woman Cute Birthday Wishes For Woman

On this, the blessed day of your birth, I wish you all of the love and happiness in the world. There has never been a better friend than you, and I hope that we greet yo ur next birthday together with even more joy!Happy birthday woman!

Life never goes where we expect it to, but here you are and here I am. It is your birthday today, and all I can think is that if the world had been different we would never have met. It’s too early for Halloween, so I will put the scary thoughts away! Happy birthday woman!

Happy Birthday to an amazing woman! You’re another year older and another year wiser, but I know that you are another year more beautiful, another year kinder, and another year more wonderful. To many happy returns!Happy birthday woman!

For your birthday, I wish that you will get not only what you need, but what you want, as well. You are an amazing person who deserves the world, and I want to give it to you just to see you smile. Happy Birthday, my dear, and may you receive all the joy that you bring!Happy birthday woman!

Another year, another birthday, another wonderful woman who is growing into her own! A birthday is a wonderful time to reflect on the past, but I think I would rather reflect on our future together. Happy birthday and many happy returns to an amazing lady!Happy birthday woman!

When it comes to birthdays, some love cake and others love champagne. Some want to go out and some want to stay in with their nearest and dearest. There are no wrong choices for you, not today, so here’s to you getting exactly what you want when you want it!Happy birthday woman!

Happy birthday to a strong, loving, wonderful woman. I hope you have the best of the best on your birthday and every day of the year!Happy birthday woman!

You’re a great woman and a great person. I’m so excited to have you in my life and so happy to celebrate this special day with you. Happy birthday woman!

Birthdays are a great time to celebrate who we are and who we love. I hope you have a great day celebrating yourself. Happy birthday to one of the best women I know!

Shoes, makeup and purses may be a few of the things on your birthday wishlist. I hope you get everything you’ve asked for and more on this special day! Happy birthday!

Having everything you want on your birthday is only half the fun. I hope you get everything you want and remember to have a good time. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to one of the strongest women that I know. I hope you have a wonderful day that is filled with joy, love and lots of shoes.

To a wonderful woman who has never shone brighter than she does today, happy birthday! May you grow ever brighter, ever braver and even more beautiful than you are this very moment.

With every passing year, I have seen you grow, change, mature and only grow more lovely. As you celebrate another 365 days on this planet, I can only hope that I continue to be graced with the pleasure of your company for thousands more to come.

You are not a wine or a cheese that only gets better as it ages. Instead, you are a beautiful person, strong because of the years behind you and hopeful because of the years ahead. For this birthday, please remember that where you have been has only a fraction of the joy of where you are going.

Ten years ago, could you imagine yourself where you are right now? As we celebrate your birthday, I think about where you will be ten years from now. I think about how you will grow and change, and how wonderful you will be with each passing year. Happy Birthday!

Your birthday is one of my favorite times of the year. Like any great holiday, it allows me to sit down and reflect on something that brings me great joy and great pleasure, and of course there’s always the cake. Wishing you a playful loving birthday!

I’m so glad that I can be here with you while you celebrate this special day. You’re a special person to me and I’m so happy to have you in my life. Happy birthday!

I hope you have a great birthday and get everything you want. You deserve the best on your day and every day of the year. Happy birthday!

Strong, beautiful, independent. These are a few of the words that describe the birthday girl. I hope you have a wonderful day filled with joy. Happy birthday to you!

You’re the best woman who deserves nothing but the best on her birthday. Thank you for being who you are every day of the year. Happy birthday to you!

A birthday is a special time to celebrate all of the people who mean the most in our lives. You mean so much to me and I hope you have a happy birthday!

Happy birthday to you! You’re a wonderful woman filled with so much joy and love. I’m happy to have you in my life.

You live such a life of example and I’m so happy to have you in mine for so many different reasons. I hope you have a happy birthday!

Happy birthday to a wonderful woman. You’re so inspiring and wonderful to me everyday of the year. I hope you have a day that is filled with the utmost happiness and joy!

Here’s to having a happy birthday that is filled with shoes and purses. You’re a wonderful woman who deserves everything you ask for on your birthday. Happy birthday to you!

Birthdays are the best times to tell people how much we love them, but I love you every day of the year. Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday to a woman who means so much to me and sets a perfect example of how to live a happy life. I know you and I know you deserve the best on this day!

Some of the best wishes that we could receive on our birthdays are the ones for happiness and joy in our lives. I hope that you get everything you wish for! Happy birthday!

I hope that you have an excellent birthday that is filled with happiness and love. You’re a wonderful woman who deserves only the best on her birthday and every day of the year. I’m so happy to have you in my life. Happy birthday to you!

You are an amazing girl and I can never take you for granted. You are everything I would ever have hoped for, as we celebrate today together, remember, my love for you can never failed.

Babe, you are the most important girl in my life. I hope you do get to enjoy the day. I will be here if you ever need anything.

You mean the world to me; I surely am blessed to have a beautiful, strong and healthy little girl. May all your wishes come true sweetheart, I love you.

Happy birthday to an awesome young girl. You have such a caring personality for someone so little that it is amazing. I hope that today will be an awesome day for you.

I look forward to each day I will wake up and see your face; you are my lady, my woman, my love, my girl. Enjoy your birthday.

Sweetheart, my heart swells at the thought of you. You are one of the most important people in my life, I appreciate you. Have a beautiful birthday!

A very happy birthday to the most beautiful girl. May we celebrate many more to come. I hope all your birthday wishes and dreams come true.

Happy birthday to a young girl. You will grow to be one of the most mature beautiful women ever. Trust me.

Happy birthday little princess. Did you know what happens on your birthday? There will be a big festival, with music and dancing. Most important of all, an awesome cake!

You do not know what we have in store for you today young one. There will be plenty of laughter, a ton of a joy and a cake for a little princess. Enjoy your birthday. I know everyone else will.

On this first day of another 365 day trip around the sun, I celebrate you honey. Happy birthday and I hope you enjoy the trip.

You are definitely going to teach everyone a special lesson on how to celebrate little one. You are going to have an awesome birthday especially since you are such a wild child. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday to a young girl who has a heart that cannot be compared. You are special and do not ever lose that.

Happy birthday to a little lady who has such a beautiful spark and shines on the world.

Words alone cannot express the gratitude I feel at having the honor of sharing this special day with you. I love you so much honey. Have a wonderful birthday.

Since the first day I met you, I knew you we were meant to be. I have never regretted having you in my life. As you celebrate this day, remember, you are a piece of me that I cannot lose.

Happy birthday young one. Do not ever get old. I know that’s impossible but I’ll still ask you anyway.

As you grow older, may you grow wiser, happier, healthier and wealthier. I love you; you are too special to me. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday to a young girl who will grow to be a beautiful woman. Just remember beauty is on the inside and out.

Yay! Dear friend, your birthday comes knocking once again! And by God, you and I shall celebrate it like nobody’s business! Friend’s like you make this world an awesome place to live in. Happy birthday!

Dear friend, every moment spent with you is sacred. I’m grateful to have someone as wonderful as you in my life. Happy birthday, sweet friend.

Wishing a very happy birthday to the most wonderful friend I have ever had all my life. Thank you for being my best friend and for being by my side all these years.

Let’s be real here. You are going to have one of the best birthday’s ever little lady. You have a family who loves you and friends who care about you. Do not ever take them for granted. Enjoy!

All right little lady. Today is your birthday which means you will get to have so much fun; you don’t even know what to do with. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday to a young girl that will have one of the best birthday parties ever! Enjoy it. I hope all your dreams come true.

Happy birthday to a young woman who will become an amazing individual when she grows up. Your mom is an incredible lady and you would be wise to learn from her.

I know how much this day means to you, that is why I will do everything in my power to make sure everything is perfect, have a great birthday!

Happy birthday to an amazing individual that will carry such a brilliant spark in the world.

It’s a joy to every parent to see their kid growing up. I am happy to be so blessed to see my little girl growing up; it brings tears to my eyes. Do enjoy the day darling, happy birthday!

You are a young woman who has a heart of gold. Do not forget what it means to have one. Happy birthday!

Sweetheart you make me complete, without you, I have no meaning. I love you so much; enjoy this day and everything that comes with it.

Happy birthday to a young girl who acts like the princess she knows she is. Remember your manners as they will get you farther than you think.

Nobody in the world can replace you; you hold a very dear part of me. I just want you to have fun today. Happy birthday to you.

You are pretty and there is nothing in this world that could change what I feel for you happy birthday baby.

Happy birthday to a young woman who has so much potential in her future. You will be so full of life that many people will love you for it. Just be careful as not everyone will be so kind. Enjoy your special day!

Darling, today I celebrate your mother, for bringing the most important person in my life into this world. I will celebrate you honey.

Happy birthday little lady. You have a great circle of family and friends around you. Trust me when I say that. You have no idea how much they love you.

I appreciate and thank you today for being the foundation that has been holding me ever since we met. The future is bright for us Happy birthday love.

Happy birthday girl. You are awesome with such a lovely personality. I would describe you as a ton of fun in a bundle of joy wrapped with cuteness. Enjoy your birthday; you will have one of the best!

To the most beautiful girl in the world, I hope you get to enjoy this day, happy birthday dearly.

You deserve everything that is good and so much more. I love you princess. I will always be here for you, have a wonderful birthday!

Happy birthday young girl. I hope that this year will be the year all your dreams and wishes come true. Enjoy it!

Happy birthday babe, you are the most beautiful girl in this world, nothing gives me more joy than having you close. I love you.

Happy birthday princess, you bring so much joy in my life. I love every moment we spend together; you are the light in my life.

Happy birthday my love, have a fabulous one and may the new year of your life bring you more joy, love and happiness.

Happy tenth birthday munchkins. As you blow out the candles on your cake, may every wish you make turn into reality.

Each candle on your cake is another year in your life. I feel very lucky to meet you, little girl. Happy Birthday to you!

18 mean you are now entering adulthood. 18 mean my little girl is all grown up. Here’s to celebrating you baby and may as you discover your own world of 18, I pray that it be kind to you and it fulfills all that you have wished for. Happy birthday sweetie.

Happy birthday. This is an amazing day for you, not only you but me. I get to witness you blowing your candles out. I wish you nothing but the very best.

Today is that special day you’ve been talking about all year. I love you so much babe, having you close is more than enough for me. Have a nice birthday.

Happy birthday to a young girl who knows what it means to love others as she loves herself. Enjoy your special day.

I want to protect you, love you, and be with you all the days of our lives. Enjoy this day my queen.

Happy born day sweetie. As you mark the beginning of another year in your life. I pray that it be remarkable.

Today is a special day for a special girl. You are very special and I will do anything in my power to make sure you always smile. Have a blast.

Happy birthday to the strongest, most adorable girl in my world, you are mine and there is no one that can ever take your place.

Birthdays are celebrated only once a year so enjoys this. Today is your special day and we are all proud to celebrate it with you

Happy birthday little lady. You are such a special child that will grow into an amazing beautiful woman in the future. I know it. Everyone knows it.

Happy birthday princess, today, it’s all about you, I hope you have the grandest birthday ever I love you so much.

I appreciate the fact that you are in my life, I hope you get to enjoy every good thing that the day has to offer, be blessed have fun girl.

I hope this day be magical for you and the gifts you receive are what you expected. Happy birthday.

You deserve the very best, that is why I will do everything in my power to give you the biggest bestest bash ever. Happy birthday darling!

You are mine today and forever, I hope you grow to be amazing awesome and lovely woman. Have a beautiful birthday!!

Women are special that we shouldn’t put our specialty away. We must not try to be like men, we give life to babies and we make them healthy right from birth. Happy Birthday lady.

You are super, you are amazing and you are loving I am proud to be part of your life. Happy birthday dear!

The sacrifices of both parents are much, but that of the mother is not quantifiable. Women should be celebrated in a more unique ways. Happy Birthday to you special woman.

I want the best for you darling, I hope you get to enjoy this day to the fullest, happy birthday darling, have a blast!

Women don’t toil with love because they have the loveliest hearts. I’m honoured to be loved by my wife. I hope all men will learn to always treat women better. Happy Birthday my lady.

You are everything I could ever want. You are my special lady and I hope you get to enjoy this day and everything it has to offer precious. Happy birthday.

My little girl is growing up. I am lucky to be a witness to each and every moment. Happy birthday honey!!

You can be anything you want to be, I will always support you in whatever you undertake. Happy birthday dear!

I wish you happy, fun and super-exciting Birthday Day … And it’s full of wonderful surprises!

You are more than I had hoped for, you are my reason to smile laugh and cry. I love you to bits, enjoy this day. Happy birthday.

You turn a new age; you grow more beautiful, more loving and caring. I wish you the very best in all your endeavors. Have a blast!

Happy birthday dear, you are the most beautiful person I know of. Everyone should have the pleasure of knowing you.

May this day bring you joy, cake, fun and a truck full of presents! Have fun love; I surely hope you enjoy yourself.

Happy birthday to a young girl who acts like a little regal princess. You might be getting a small crown for your birthday. Who knows?

Is a special woman in your life getting ready to have a birthday? Would you like to honor her in a creative way? Rather than simply buying another generic card at your local card shop, why not craft your own personalized birthday greeting to let her know how amazing you think she is? Whether this woman is a coworker, friend, relative or some other woman you admire, she will be impressed by your thoughtful gesture.

But what if you have never written an original birthday message before? It may seem like a rather daunting task to come up with your own ideas. But it’s really not as difficult as it may seem as long as you follow these easy steps.

First, think about all the positive qualities that make this woman unique and admirable. Is she a courageous, independent thinker? Does she show compassion and concern for others? Is she always willing to lend a helping hand? Is she a dedicated worker, wife or mother? Think of which activities or achievements she most excels at and mention how impressed you are by her accomplishments.

Next, look at the list of positive qualities you have written and then apply those qualities to your relationship with this woman and her relationships with other people. Has she helped you through a crisis situation in your life? Has she cheered you up when you were feeling depressed? Was she a valuable asset in helping with a specific group project or special event? Describe the impact that she has made on you and other people in detail. When women have birthdays it is often a time when they wonder if they are really making a difference in the world. This is the time for you, as a person who knows and cares about this woman, to let her know just how much she is loved, treasured, and valued by those around her.

Another great aspect of a personal birthday message is mentioning special memories that you have of times you have spent with this woman. Do the two of you enjoy shopping together? Perhaps she is the life of the party at company picnics. Is she a breath of fresh air at your family gatherings? Was there a special event that that two of you attended together? Describing those special memories that the two of you share together is a way to let her know that her life is filled with rich experiences and that you are grateful to have her in your life.

Lastly, think of your own special way to thank her for all that she means to you and wish her a wonderful birthday. She will likely be extremely touched that you took the time out of your busy schedule to come up with a creative, thoughtful, and original birthday message. So rather than give that special woman another boring, generic birthday card, show her how important she is by giving her a personalized birthday message she can cherish for a lifetime!

It’s your birthday, and we’d like to say
There’s no woman like you
And we hope every wish you make
Is one that will come true

Her love is sweet
Her strength is great
Her birthday’s here
Let’s celebrate

There’s a great woman who keeps us afloat
When the seas get rough and we rock in our boat
She’s a mom and a daughter, an aunt and a sis
Today is her birthday, so give her a kiss

Happy birthday to a doll
With hugs and kisses from us all
The sun is shining high above
We hope your day is full of love

To a woman whose heart
Is sweet as a bun
We hope your birthday
Is nothing but fun

It’s time to show our love
To the best girl that we know
We lit the candles on the cake
So make a wish and blow

It’s your birthday, what a treat
There’s one thing we can say
You’re the woman of our dreams
So have a happy day

Here’s to a woman
Who is never surpassed
With love on your birthday
Hope it’s a blast

Here she comes, the birthday girl
She’s beautiful and clever
She’s so much fun to have around
She’s been that way forever

I’m glad it’s your birthday
And I’d like to say
No woman looks better
Than you do today

Here’s a birthday card I wrote
With only you in mind
Just a simple loving note
For a woman who’s one of a kind

It’s her birthday today
And she’s one to keep
In heels or in flats
She’s top of the heap

To a woman we know
Who simply can’t be beat
Here’s hoping your birthday
Is sunny, warm and sweet

Just a quick note
For a woman with zest
Your birthday is here
We hope it’s the best

It’s your birthday, it’s time
To smile and reflect
On a woman of virtue
Class and respect

It’s that day of the year
When we celebrate
The life of a woman
We think is just great
She’s weathered the storm
With polish and class
Happy birthday darling
We hope it’s a gas

Here’s to a gal we all love dearly
Though we should say it more than just yearly
On any occasion, your style is the latest
So happy birthday – may it be the greatest

There’s something about this day of the year
It’s always replete with gladness and cheer
For this is the day we acknowledge your birth
No finer a woman has walked on this earth

Let’s raise a glass to a woman we know
Who was born on this day, not so long ago
Her charms are many, her beauty unmatched
She may still be single, but she’s quite a catch

This Birthday poem is also a gift of words I’d like to say-
You’re very special and I hope you have the best and grandest day!

I hope your day is filled with joy and happiness that’s true-
No one deserves a special day like this as much as you.
Happy Birthday to my friend.

We don’t have to count the candles, as your birthday nears-
Let’s talk about the fun we’ve had, all throughout the years.
All the things we’re thankful for then, now and more-
I can’t wait to see what else our friendship has in store!
Happy Birthday

Instead of counting up the years, just tell yourself this phrase:
I’m thankful for what life has brought, and for such great birthdays!

I look forward to this day each and every year-
Because I get to wish and send to you some birthday cheer!

You lighten up any room with your bright sunshine-
You’re such a fantastic friend, I’m glad that you are mine!
Happy Birthday!

Birthdays always come and go,
But there’s one thing that you should know-
Each year that passes is a treat,
Because it’s given to someone sweet.
Have a Wonderful Birthday, my friend!

Birthdays are like certain flowers, they come back every year-
So I hope your day is beautiful and filled with lots of cheer!

You deserve a birthday filled with joy and love and fun-
So I wish you all of this and more and hope it’s a special one.

I hope your day is lovely like the butterflies in spring-
I hope your day is beautiful like the birds when they sing.
I hope your day is filled with lots of love and joy and fun-
But most of all, I hope your birthday is an awesome one.

Today I have a wish, and that wish is meant for you-
That your day will be perfect, today and all year through.
Happy Birthday!

As we celebrate your birthday, we laugh and cheer and sing-
I hope your dreams come true, and you’re blessed in everything.

I have a wish for you today, it’s simple but it’s true-
I wish you have the best day ever and lasts the whole year through.

Why do people make a fuss about having birthdays?
Because they get the chance to show they care in many ways.
So I’m sending this birthday poem, I wrote it just for you-
Have a very happy day, filled with laughter too.

I hope your birthday this year is the nicest one yet-
You deserve to have a special day, the best that you can get.
You’ve done so much for others, it’s time to think of you-
Relax, have fun, enjoy your day, and Happy Birthday too!