Top 50 Best Happy Birthday Memes for love and family

Here, we will give you some of the best collection of Happy Birthday Memes. We assure you that it can bring a smile to your friends and loved ones. So, choose any birthday meme from this collection and share it. You can share these birthday memes to your brother, sister, girlfriend, boyfriend, friend as well as your mom and dad. You can share them on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. Put a smile on their faces as you wish them a happy birthday.Select your happy birthday memes from the collection of Top 50 Best Happy Birthday Memes for love and family for friends, birthday memes for girls/boys and birthday memes for brothers and sisters. you can share these birthday memes with them. scroll down till the end to see more and funnier happy birthday memes.

Best Happy Birthday Memes for love and family

Happy Birthday Memes are a way of ridiculing your friends in the most egotistical way. Here we will provide you a list of some of the coolest happy birthday memes. You can use them to greet your friends on their birthdays in a hilarious way

A happy birthday memes would not be complete without happy birthday wishes time. Share Best Happy Birthday Memes are the prevailing trends nowadays. We know friendships are always filled with jokes which is a show with the funny birthday meme. Have you tried sending happy birthday memes to your friend’s birthday? Is it the birthday wish of your friend or someone dear to you? If you are finding a creative way to wishing them a happy birthday then you can use best happy birthday memes.

Here, we have a great collection of best happy birthday memes that will give your friends. We assure you that when it can sharing meme bring a smile to your friends and loved ones. So, let’s choose any best happy birthday memes from this collection and share it to use social media. If you want to share these birthday memes to your brother, sister, girlfriend, boyfriend, friend, cousin as well as your mom and dad.

Happy birthday meme right from the nose of Voldemort, OOPS, he has no nose!

Do you know every person has two Christmas in his life because one Christmas is the common one which everyone celebrates while your birthday is like person Christmas for you.

Happy birthday Christmas meme

Everyone has the friend who is either a bodybuilder or fat like a pumpkin, you could use this awesome happy birthday meme to wish him.
Happy birthday Memes

If you want to say, someone, that though there is their birthday, the number of fucks given by you equals zero.
Happy birthday angry cat meme

Joker approves your birthday, let the “happy birthday, happy birthday ” game begin.
Happy birthday Memes

To your brothers, you fight, you beat the shit out of each other but at the end of a day you care a lot.
Happy birthday Memes

Mr. President wants to wish you happy birthday, send this awesome happy birthday meme to your friends.
Happy birthday Memes

Having birthday? happy birthday, happy birthday!
Happy birthday Memes

Happy birthday meme to frighten your friend, but not really, you are just teasing him another way around. Anyways, who doesn’t love cakes?
Happy birthday Memes

This one could be tagged as “Happy Birthday meme to me .”Be a narcissist, be self- obsessed and never underestimate yourself.
Happy birthday Memes

Science approves this theory!
Happy birthday Memes

CUTE Happy Birthday memes

Happy birthday meme for the magnificent bastard!
Happy birthday Memes

Brothers mean a lot, this meme works wonder for metalhead brothers.
Happy birthday Memes

Here is the most offensive way to spoil anyone’s birthday! p.s: try it at your own risk, Birthday night is responsible for consequences of any type, be it physical or emotional.
Happy birthday Memes

Let everything go to hell, all I want to do is the binge huge stack of cakes,
Happy birthday Memes

Chuck Norris approves! you can live one more year 😀
Happy birthday Memes

Who is the real muthafucka ?wish that motherfucker happy birthday!
Happy birthday Memes
Happy birthday Memes


Jesus exclaims “Happy birthday my nigga !”
Happy birthday Memes

Ohh is it your birthday ??Cool, cool I don’t give a fuck, nor am I going to wish you!
Happy birthday Memes

Let the world burn and you eat the largest portion of the cake!
Happy birthday Memes

A meme for someone who is hot as hell and really looks cool. Every time there is no need to make fun of the person , sometimes complementing is good too.
Happy birthday Memes

When you are tired of people wishing your friend on his facebook wall and you get sick of such posts! Brace yourself, Happy birthday posts are coming!
Happy birthday Memes

Hey, girl , Happy Birthday.


Happy birthday cool girl Memes

I don’t always wish happy birthday, but when I wish it, I make sure that I use this image!
Happy birthday Memes

I wish you to have a happy birthday, no this time I really wish you to have a happy birthday.
Happy birthday to you Memes

I would have had wished you happy birthday, but that’s just too mainstream, instead I would prefer to walk over to your home and wish you with a sweet hug!
Happy birthday Memes

Hey if someone mocks you because you look more nerdy or you look bit more aged than people of your agr group, then consider it as a compliment and be sassy to reply them with this blatant meme.
|Happy Birthday Best meme

Okay, enough of happy birthday! now get the heck back to the gym !
Happy birthday get back to gym meme


Happy birthday, nigga ! My nigga!
Happy birthday nigga meme


Clap for that guy, his birthday today !!!meme (4)

meme (22)

Aliens too wishes you Happy Birthday ! LOLmeme (21)

Oppa is Gangnam style.
meme (20)

Happy Birthday …don’t make noise, enjoy silently!
meme (2)

So finally it’s your birthday !meme (19)

meme (14)

May all the cheesecakes around the world be with you.


meme (15)

Lets hope you survive for one complete year…hahahahahameme (16)

I don’t Give A Fu*k!meme (17)

Hearing about a guy having birthday on 29th of feb.
meme (18)

Stone gold rules,…meme (13)

Indian (12)

Nothing to say about this,meme (11)

Wishes for a Fool friend. hehehehememe (10)

Come On kiss me … no ?meme (1)

Dat’ASS !!!


meme (8)

When you are ‘NOT’ so excited!
meme (7)

Cake after dieting …meme (6)

Leaders (5)

Best BADday Ever !!!meme (3)

Yuckkkk…… (25)

Kiddish behaviour at someones birthday …meme (24)

Funny Rabbits.


meme (23)

#Gangnam_style_birthdaymeme (9)


A birthday wish is always incomplete without a HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEMES.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEMES are the widespread trend nowadays. You can get best happy birthday memes everywhere ranging from Facebook comments to several of your buddy’s profile pictures. Nowadays the internet is erupting with different kinds of memes, such as

Memes are the way of mocking people around you in the most frivolous manner. No one feels insulted and still, it fulfills your intent of mocking the person you wish. So why not have some amazing memes for birthday? Birthdays are no exception: wishing someone for their birthday or making funny comments on the passing of time (and, subsequently, their age) through memes is an amusing option to the typical sending of wishes.

If you are eyeing for a hilarious happy birthday memes then you are at the right place. Don’t just send a boring “Happy Birthday.” Take a moment to choose the funniest birthday meme. Try something unique. We assure you that it can bring a smile on the face of your friends and loved ones. You can share these birthday memes with your friend, brother, sister, boyfriend, girlfriend as well as your lovely parents as well. You can use these happy birthday memes to wish your nigga happy birthday in the most astounding way.

You can expect coolest and funniest birthday memes below. Scroll down and find the best and funny birthday memes. These are free and funny birthday memes. Download these happy birthday memes for free. Have a great laugh, then!

Birthday wishes
Birthday Wishes for Best Friend
Funny birthday wishes
Happy birthday sister
Happy Birthday Mom
Birthday Wishes for Friend

1.Happy Birthday. Thank you for always being older than me.

On being the younger one…

2. Smile!! It’s Your Birthday.

Happy birthday memes
Say “Cheese”

3. It’s nice to be young, healthy, and full of energy. Do you remember what that used to feel like?

Happy birthday memes
You Love Sarcasm, Right?

4. I know your real age. Happy Birthday!

When your friend is getting older and you being playful.


5. Happy Birthday. I’m only here for the cake.

Happy birthday memes
So, where’s the cake?

6. Happy Birthday, Bro.

Happy birthday memes
When You’re Super Excited!

7. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday memes
When You’re Super Excited.

8. All of us has a friend who is either a bodybuilder or fat like a pumpkin, you could use this amazing happy birthday meme to wish him.

For Your Golu Molu Friend.

9. Grumpy cat birthday memes are so appealing.

Happy birthday memes
When Your Friend always thinks Negative.

10. Let’s Party Boy!

Happy birthday memes
Party On My Mind


11. For Someone who is an Internet Junkie.

Happy birthday memes
When Your Friend Is Highly Popular.

12. Well… Happy Birthday, fella. Now, if you finished yesterday’s work, that would be great.

Happy birthday memes
When you have got a Khadus Boss!

13. Happy Birthday from one sexy beast to another.

Happy birthday memes
For someone who is too hot to handle.

14. The Room is Getting Hotter..Please Blow the Candles on Your Birthday Cake.

Happy birthday memes
Being Sarcastic!

15. It’s your birthday. Are you as excited about it as I am?

Happy birthday memes
When it’s too hard for you to control your excitement.

16. Happy Birthday to a Special Lady.

Happy birthday memes
For Someone Very Special.

17. You Are 18 Now. Now You Can Do Thing Legally That You Have Been Doing Since 15.

Happy birthday memes
Being Naughty!


18. I Haven’t Got Anything For You My Friend ….On Your Birthday…Why??

Happy birthday memes
Nailed It!

19. Happy Birthday! One less year I have to deal with you.

Happy birthday memes
For Your Bestie who keeps annoying you!

20. For your brother, you fight, you beat the shit out of each other but at the end of a day, you care a lot.

Happy birthday memes

21. Happy Birthday, Little Brother.

Happy birthday memes
For a Minions Fan.

22. Happy Birthday Brother in Law. Another Year of surviving my sister.

Happy birthday memes
Lol-ed it!

23. Calm Down. It’s your birthday, not a national holiday.

Happy birthday memes
For your egoistic, super excited Friend.


24. For Your Lovely Mother.

Happy birthday memes
Happy Birthday, Mumma 🙂

25. Happy Birthday, Tiger.

Happy birthday memes
Say Cheese.. 😉

26. Hey….Aren’t You Paying The Bill???

Happy birthday memes
Highly Eager to take a Party

27. I sea it’s your birthday. Let’s shellibrate!

Happy birthday memes
Perfect for people who love the water world.

28. Okay, enough of happy birthday! now get the heck back to the gym!

Happy birthday memes
Can’t Compromise on Gym!

29. One more Happy Birthday From Chuck Norris… Means one more year that Chuck Norris has decided to let you keep breathing.


Happy birthday memes
You Can Breathe Freely.

30. If you were Jesus.. Today would be Christmas

Happy birthday memes
Ohh!! So Cute!!

31. Like a good wine, you’re only getting better with age.

Happy birthday memes
For the people who keeps on growing younger with the age.

32. Is Your Birthday Today? Just Forget Today’s Date Not Your Birthday.

Happy birthday memes
If you’re forgetful and can’t remember birthdays.

33. Happy Birthday, Mike!

Happy birthday memes
For someone who loves keeping a beard, all the time.


34. Birthday Wishes for someone who’s Awesome, all the time.

Happy birthday memes
Being Awesome, 24 x 7!

35. Birthday Meme for our SuperHero.

Happy birthday memes
Happy Birthday, Hero.

36. Birthday Meme for GodMother.

Happy birthday memes
God Mother, Love You Always.

37. Birthday Meme for someone who’s too Young.

Happy birthday memes
Happy Birthday, Oldie, You’re still a Goldie.

38. When you’re too far away from your loved ones.

Happy birthday memes
At least can’t miss wishing.

39. Birthday Meme for Your Mother, who always looks Young and Beautiful.

Happy birthday memes
Happy B’day Maa. 🙂

40. Birthday Meme for your beauty conscious friend.

Happy birthday memes
Get Dirty Now!!

These were just some of the best and funniest happy birthday memes for friends, brothers, sisters. Tell us in the comments section below about the meme which you liked the most. I will keep on updating funnier, and an amusing happy birthday memes regularly.