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Happy bday for best friend:bday wishe,messages and quotes

Happy bday for best friend:bday wishe,messages and quotes

Happy bday for best friend wishes and messages for a close friend in your lives who is dearest to your hear when he or she is with you or faraway. This is a great collection for you on this special day if you have such an admirable friend in your friends list and if his birthday is coming nearer.

Happy bday for best friend – wishes and messages

Whether young or a bit older, whether male or female, you have probably been planning your best friend’s birthday for some days now…What exactly you will do, where, what they will wear, what you will wear, what food you’ll have, the cake, who to invite etc… But one thing that is solely up to you is the present, which has to be-if not perfect- then certainly appropriate for your best friend! And of course, what always accompanies a present is a Happy bday for best friend wish… So whether you’re looking for some funny or emotional wishes, here are some ideas to help you:Happy bday for best friend.

Happy bday for best friend
Happy bday for best friend

Happy bday for best friend wishes

You are the best friend anyone could ever want. I hope your birthday brings much joy and that your wishes come true.

The passing of time didn’t change you. You remained the most beautiful person I ever known. Happy birthday my dear friend!

Happy birthday, friend. I can’t believe it! You look a few days younger than your actual age.

Funny birthday meme

Happy Birthday to the best person I know. Your integrity is to be admired, and your life is to be celebrated. Here’s to you, my friend!

Happy Anniversary of your 29th Birthday! How many years have we been celebrating this birthday now?? Happy Birthday to my very best friend. I cherish our friendship… even if you are staying the same age and not getting any older!

Birthdays are the most special day in a person’s life. I hope you enjoy yours.

Funny Birthday wishes

My dear friend, on your birthday, I wanted to remind you that you are the best person I have ever met. You have changed my life in more ways than you know. Happy birthday!

Only a true friend can stand by me through thick and thin. Thank you for always being someone I can trust. I wish you the happiest of birthdays!

Whatever you may do on your birthday, may it bring you the happiness you deserve.

I pray to God today that all your dreams and ambitions are fulfilled, all your wishes and decisions be fruitful and all your friends and family always stick with you. Happy birthday.


You are best ever friend I’ve ever found in my life and I believe I won’t get a better one in my imagination too. Happy birthday dear.

I only have one wish for you on your birthday, and that wish is for all of your dreams to come true.

Birthday wishes

Your other friends may promise to attend your party, but they’ll leave early. Not me. I’ll stay behind and help you clean up after the party is over. Happy birthday!

I hope your laziness doesn’t show up while blowing the candles because I don’t want to blow your candles again.

May today be the beginning of a life so good that I’m jealous of you forever.

Awesome friends are awesome just because one reason- awesomeness. Wishing a awesome birthday to an awesome person of my life. Stay blessed always!!

In some parts of the world, it’s customary to wish someone a happy birthday the day after their birthday. I don’t know where that is, but apparently I’m from there. Happy birthday, dear friend.

Birthday memes

The sun is shining a little more brightly today. That’s because it’s wishing you a very happy birthday!



For my best friend on their birthday, may the stars align just right for the perfect night of celebration. I love you and hope your day is everything you hoped for.

Happy birthday! I wish you take a real oath to do some exercise and wish you don’t walk up the stairs and call it exercise.

Happy birthday memes

I hate it when I have to suck up to on your Birthday and treat you like royalty. Damn it.. I can’t wait for my birthday! For now, Happy Birthday to you, my buddy. Have a good one.

I made some cake for your birthday this year. It is going to be tasty and just like you want it. But then, unfortunately, I could not find a place to light enough candles. Then I remembered, oh! Your age.

For your birthday, it’s high time I paid you back for all of the things you’ve done for me over the years. I’ve been keeping tabs on what I owe you, and now I’ll be picking up the tab tonight. Let’s party!

Birthday meme

The world was never the same the day you were born. As your best friend, I’m glad that day happened. Happy Birthday, my friend! Live long and prosper!

Today may be your birthday, but it’s also the start of something new: another wonderful year with you. Happy birthday.

I hope your birthday is as good as bacon. That is all. Happy birthday!

You are my best friend. I believe you’ll always remain as throughout the life. I don’t want to lose you. Happy birthday dear.



Best Friend Birthday Poem

Happy birthday my best friend,
Amazing times, we always spend.
Laughter and jokes are common place,
Since we built that solid base.

Special friend that I hold dear,
Always wish to have you near.
We get along, like bread with honey,
A friendship worth, much more than money.

If you stumble, count me there,
Gratitude; no need to declare.
Your thoughts are clear, in my mind,
Understanding we always find.

Happy birthday my best friend,
I’m excited to attend.
This birthday poem, is just for you,
A great big smile is overdue.

By Martin Dejnicki

Funny happy birthday meme

I Have Wishes For You

To the one person I trust the most,
The person I run to when I feel lost,
The one who help me ward off my ghost,
When I need you to, you’re always close.

On your special day, I have wishes for you,
First is happiness, long lasting one that’s true,
Forget all the sadness, please never be blue,
Now give me a smile, a big one will do.

I hope you find love one day soon,
A special girl who can keep up to your tune,
But for now just look at the moon,
Or spend your time watching cartoon.

Happy birthday in heaven

But seriously, you know I wish you all the best,
I pray to God that you’ll always stay blessed,
There maybe times that He’ll put you to test,
Just call on me we’ll get thru it, don’t be depressed.

Thru happiness or surrounded by clouds of gray,
You know I’ll always be here each and every day,
But for now have a great time and enjoy your special day,
Happy Birthday to you, that’s what I want to say.

By Mayie Cachero



Finally you’re xx years old! I hope the champagne is already cold. I wish you to celebrate your birthday today. I wish you’ll be happy every single day.

Live with intention, walk to the edge, listen hard, practice wellness, play with abandon, laugh, choose with no regrets, continue to learn, appreciate your friends, do what you love, love as if this is all there is.

Hope you never lose the brightest smile of yours, which gives me always the Where would we be in this world if we didn’t have a friend? The sure thing is we wouldn’t be in someone’s Birthday. May you always have friends surrounding your every day. Happy Birthday my friend!

Happy birthday to an amazing friend “Work hard, be kind, and Amazing things will happen.”

Happy birthday meme funny

A friend is a person who fills our lives with beauty and grace and makes the world we live in a better and happier place. Thanks for making my world a safer place to live in. Happy Birthday!

Our friendship is made of gold and it will never rust, will stay precious until the world turns to dust. Happy Birthday and may your every wish come true!

I wish you a fruit from every tree, I wish you much honey from the bee,I wish you a rainbow without rain,  I wish and wish for you, my friend. I wish you a wish for every dream, I wish you were happy as you seem,I wish you love for all your way, I wish you just a great birthday.

On your birthday may all that you asked from God be granted to you hundred fold! Happy Birthday to my sweetest friend. Always keep smiling the way you do! Have an amazing day and an even more special year ahead. May God Bless you.

In the journey of your life, may your joys double and your success triple, may your sorrows halve and your failure disappear. Wishing you a stress free life. Happy Birthday!

Not everyone in this world is blessed with an understanding, trustworthy, caring and loving friend. That is exactly why I consider myself so incredibly lucky. A very Happy Birthday to you. Have an amazing day.


Wish happy birthday to your best friend by putting a personalized happy birthday note inside of a fortune cookie.This is perfect for friends who love to dine on Chinese cuisine. Order some of your bestie’s favorite General Tso’s Chicken or egg rolls. Type out a personalized birthday wish in tiny print on a small strip of paper, just the right size to fit into the fortune cookie. Take one of the fortune cookies that comes with the meal and wrap it inside of a slightly damp paper towel. Pop it into the microwave for thirty seconds and voila! It will open right up. Then replace the generic fortune cookie message with a heartfelt birthday message of your own. Fold the fortune cookie back up and let it harden. Your BFF will be impressed by your creative and tasty effort!

Throw an over-the-hill themed birthday party for your best friend’s fortieth or fiftieth birthday!You can stock up on supplies like prunes, depends, denture cream, and funny over-the-hill gag gifts. Let your best friend know that at any age you still consider them number one!

Sky write a birthday message to your best friend!Let your best friend and everyone in your whole area know how special they are to you by delivering them an aerial birthday message. This is a perfect idea if you’re going to be having your friend’s birthday party at an outdoor venue.

Pop out of your friend’s birthday cake!You’ll have your friend cracking up and completely blown away when you pop out of a giant birthday cake on their birthday. You can order a giant birthday cake made specifically for popping out of to give your best friend an unforgettable birthday surprise!

Deliver a singing telegram birthday message to your best friend!You can hire a singer to deliver your telegram or show up at your friend’s home or workplace to deliver it yourself. If you have a bestie who can take a joke this is an especially fun way to draw attention to one of their over-the-hill birthdays!

Give your friend a best friend locket!If your best friend likes jewelry you could commemorate your friendship by purchasing a pair of best friend lockets; one for yourself, and the other for your BFF. These lockets come in various styles, with many having one of the pair of lockets engraved with the word “best” and the other engraved with the word “friend.”