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Happy 19th Birthday – Happy Birthday Wishes and Birthday Quotes

Happy 19th Birthday – Happy Birthday Wishes and Birthday Quotes

Teenagers are the hardest people to please, from the adolescence to the phases which contribute to the change in their faces; it is really hard to please a teenager. Birthdays come only once a year for any person and it’s your duty to make them unforgettable, for a 19 year old, it is the last time they are celebrating their teenage years so it is important to really put your message out there, “the last teenage message to a 19 year old”. Happy 19th birthday should be fun yet mature, something that will definitely put a smile on their face and make them love and appreciate the day more. Here are some birthday messages you can send to a 19 year old to show them how important they are to you.

Happy 19th birthday -Birthday Wishes for 19-Year-Olds

Here we have shared our happy 19th birthday Wishes on 19th Birthday. Enjoy your teen years before they’re through. Some people’s says 19th age is an awkward age you are an adult but, your parents doesn’t give you a rights to do adult parties. But this day you have turned into the next age you should start to become a responsible person of your family. These birthday wishes will help to your Friend, Family Member, and Loved one to enjoy in a different style. You can easily find the happy 19th birthday from here just to make them day memorable.

You just passed one of the best birthdays ever and are now on your way to the big 21. For now, enjoy your 19th year. Happy 19th Birthday!

Everyone in school knows you as a nerd, but you’re something different when you’re around people you’re comfortable with. Happy 19th Birthday buddy. I hope you’ll prove them wrong soon by revealing your true color.

We wish you a very happy 19th birthday We know that you work endlessly but there are times you need to enjoy yourself and have some fun. Today is that day.

We want you to know that we want nothing but the best for you. If there is anything that can be said about you, it’s that you have so much energy and positivity. Happy 19th Birthday.

You are one of the best around. You have always helped and been a blessing. Thanks for always being there and I hope we continue this forward. Happy 19th Birthday.

I know you are looking forward to your birthday and we are too, especially with what we got planned. Happy 19th Birthday my friend. Let’s make it memorable.

Happy 19th Birthday! We wish you a very safe birthday. Safe? You know why we wish you a safe birthday. You are known for being a party animal. So, safe we wish you.

The best of birthdays is yet to come. But for our 19th birthday, I’m sure we can make it very crazy! How crazy! Let’s see how crazy we make it.

Happy 19th birthday my friend. We have gone through some wild times for some young thunder cats. Let make this just as awesome.

When you get people like us with opportunities like this, we are going to have an incredible life. Let’s make the best out of this life. Happy 19th Birthday!

Life goes through phases and right now, you are going to have one crazy phase of discovery and freedom. Enjoy my friend. Happy 19th Birthday.

I wish you the best birthday possible. Your 19th birthday will be one that will serve as the bar for all other birthday parties. Enough wishing, let’s make it a reality.

Rounding up teenage stage is always difficult but I can assure you that adulthood is much more interesting. May you be fulfilled. Happy 19th Birthday.

It is high time to start thinking about what the future holds and work hard towards making it hold something good. Happy 19th Birthday.

The potentials that lie in you will erupt at this period, make sure you let them out in a very good platform, then you’ll enjoy it yourself. Happy 19th Birthday.

It’s a pity your teen years are about to be over, enjoy it to the fullest and braze up for adulthood. Happy 19th Birthday. Enjoy your glorious year.

19 is one of the best youthful ages, you feel there isn’t nothing you can’t do, oh I miss the age, but I’m happy you’re there now. Happy 19th Birthday my son. Enjoy it.

Hard work is the embodiment of all success at this age. You have all the strength. Make sure you put it into work. May you be blessed. Happy 19th Birthday.

It’s a very far distance from here, but that is not my concern. All I just wanna do is to wish you a lovely and blessed year ahead. Happy 19th Birthday. Have fun.

My love for you is as wide as the mighty ocean, I adore you as you celebrate your last age as a teenager. Happy 19th Birthday dear friend. Enjoy your special day.

I wish I can kidnap you from all activities today, so that you can have a splendid time with your family, but I can’t. I hope you’ll have time with us soon. Happy 19th Birthday.

Happy 19th Birthday! You have been working hard for quite some time and you have continued giving it everything you got. I appreciate that about you and believe in nothing but your total success.

Get ready! One year and you will be 20. A big prize here for someone close to finish 2 decades. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Working hard and having fun are the two attributes this age should be comprised of. I hope your hard work will make you have enough fun later. Happy 19th Birthday.

One of my greatest assurance is that greatness lies ahead of you, make sure you embrace it with everything within you. Happy 19th Birthday dear.

I’ve met people and associated will lots of colleagues, but you seem to be quite different. Happy 19th Birthday. Have a wonderful celebration.

I can’t believe you are nineteen already. It was just like yesterday when you were nine! Happy Birthday! You are only getting started in life.

There’s a great ability that rests on a 19 year old boy. And it is to become the very best in everything. I hope you’ll get that ability. Happy 19th Birthday.

It’s your birthday and it’s a year before adulthood. I hope you’ll enjoy this year that brings you to another stage. Happy 19th Birthday.

There’s absolutely time for everything, now is the time for less messing around and more of focus, because you’re growing up. Happy 19th Birthday.

I think the world clock is ticking too fast because I remembered when you clocked 10, now you’re 19. I wanna wish you many more in life. Happy 19th Birthday.

You deserve to round up your teenage stage in grand style and I promise I’ll make it a memorable one for you. Happy 19th Birthday son.

We want you to know something. We may have fought hard during our young teens but we always remained close. Happy 19th Birthday to a great friend.

The job of a parent is forever, wherever you are and no matter your age, we’ll always be concerned about you. I hope you’ll always make us proud. Happy. 19th Birthday.

Make sure you develop a very good character and attitude. It’s all you need to prepare you for greatness where you least expect it. Happy 19th Birthday.

How I wish time should just pause and allow us to enjoy for very long, because we’re aging as you’re growing up. I hope you’ll enjoy the best of today. Happy 19th Birthday son.

I’m glad you’ve grown to become a man today, I gave lots of joy because I watched you grow up, every step and every experience you had. Enjoy this period. Happy 19th Birthday.

Making the best use of all time is the thing that should be paramount on everyone’s mind. I hope you’ll do the same as you grow up. Happy 19th Birthday.

Your journey to adulthood is so rapid that it feels as if you’re pushing us so hard to the old age.  Happy 19th Birthday son. Enjoy your special day.

Nineteen is loaded with lots of fun, unravel it and start enjoying it. Happy 19th Birthday. Have lots of fun.

Happy 19th birthday my dear, you are all grown up now, and I know you are ready to make the change you always talk about. Have a hearty birthday my love.

No matter what age you are, you will always be the one I’m willing to protect and die for. I love you always my dear, Happy 19th Birthday.

Be grateful to God and be glad that you are preserved in the splendor of His love. Happy 19th Birthday. Enjoy your special day.

May your life be golden and fruitful, may you never know sorrow and may you be endowed with longevity of life. Happy 19th Birthday to you.

Let no one change you, let no one tell you what you want to be, you know yourself best. Have a great 19th birthday my dear one.

Make wise decisions, ones that will make you a fine adult someday, I love you and only wish to protect you from any harm imaginable. Enjoy your 19th birthday my love.

Have a hearty 19th birthday, enjoy this day, make the most of it so that someday you may sit down and say you enjoyed your youth.

Things that seem cool aren’t, things that seem scary might not be, but things that are right for you most of the time are. Happy 19th birthday dear, live wisely.

Congratulations! You are close now; one more year and you will start your twenties. May our friendship be strong forever. Happy Birthday dude!

It’s good to be young and alive, you have a lot of agile thoughts flowing through your mind. May you have enough health to enjoy your youth age. Happy 19th Birthday.

Love being a teenager, you don’t have the responsibilities of an adult yet. Enjoy this moment with your friends and those that you love. Happy 19th birthday dear!

I never thought this day would come, that I would be here to watch you transform into this amazing queen. Happy 19th birthday dear, each moment is worth it with you.

Form good habits my dear 19 year old, they make you the person you want to be when you are an adult. Enjoy your birthday and make the most out of each moment that passes.

Life is a beautiful journey and each day we take one step at a time, never be in a rush to be something you aren’t yet. Happy 19th birthday my dear!

Happy 19th birthday, may the sun burn brighter for you, may it be the light that guides you from your dark ages. I love you so much dear.

Happy 19th birthday my dear, you are loved, appreciated, and the most amazing thing this world has to offer, never forget that.

I may speak but you may not listen, but I know you will sit and remember my words, I will always love you, protect you and be there for you. Happy 19th birthday my love!!

Since the moment I first laid my eyes on you, I knew you were meant to be great. Never forget the person you are, enjoy your 19th birthday my darling!

May a day never pass without me telling you how special you are to me, you are the brightest, most awesome 19 year old I know and I only wish you the best. Happy Birthday!

Have a hearty 19th birthday, a birthday you’ll sit down one day and miss. You deserve the best, never settle for less.

19th birthday? No problem. This is going to be the prelude to the wild parties of our twenties. We will make this as epic as we can, I promise.

We have been friends for such a long time and I’m happy to have a friend like you. Happy 19th Birthday. Thanks for always being there and remember if you ever need something, you can call me.

Blow another candle, blow it soft, blow it out, 19 is just a number, have fun my darling, I love you and hope you grow older than any of us!

Happy 19th Birthday my dear, you are growing up so fast, I am afraid I will miss a day with you. Hope to always be here to share in any and all events.

On your special day, I want to send the special gift and cool wishes. May you have a wonderful life with lots of exciting events. Happy 19th Birthday, my sweet boy.

A good friend is the real blessing of God. Thanks for being with me all time. Your help, support, and love are very meaningful for me and my life. Happy 19th Birthday.

As we grow older, we get to see life differently. We get to live life differently, and we get to experience new things. Henceforth, I pray you get to see life in a more positive way. Happy 19th birthday.

The future holds a lot for you, now is just the beginning of a new phase in your life. Happy 19th birthday.

Just enjoy your teen years of life as they are the best years of life. Wishing you the birthday filled with happiness, joy, and success. Happy 19th Birthday.

You have reached the phenomenal milestone of adulthood, and now you are a 19-year-old adult. Happy 19th birthday, I wish you the best.

It’s your birthday, and it’s a year after you became an adult. I hope you’ll enjoy this day that brings you to another stage. Happy Birthday.

I love you very much, you are a great 19 year old and I admire the man you are becoming. Have fun on your birthday, remember, I will always be here for you.

Since the first time I laid my eyes on you, I knew I would always be the first one to wish you happy birthdays. Happy 19th dear, may you age gracefully.

For me, you are the cutest and adorable guy whether you cross 19 or 20. I really enjoy with you. Have a fabulous 19th birthday. May you have many more.

Happy 19th birthday messages and sms

You’re young and fun
Life has just begun
Of Life make the most
To you I make a toast
Happy 19th birthday

There are so many options ahead to choose
You’ll find success no matter what you do
So go ahead and give it all you’ve got
Remember we’ll always love you a lot
And this is what we’re sending your way
Best wishes for a happy 19th birthday

Enjoy your teen years before they’re through
Here’s wishing you success in all you do
You’re an original, truly one of a kind
I’m hoping for you all the joy you can find
Happy 19th birthday

Some would say you’re at an awkward stage
You’re an adult, but not at the 21 age
But I know whatever you do you’ll do just fine
You show what a great kid you are all the time
That’s why wishing you only good things is easy to do
Have a fantastic 19th birthday; all the best to you

Your whole life is ahead, the best is yet to come
There are so many paths that you can choose from
Whatever comes your way, whatever the test
I’m confident that you’ll always do your best
Happy 19th birthday and many more
Only the best for you is in store

Here’s to someone who’s so much fun to be around
You’re always so positive and never down
So here’s hoping for you lots of cheer
Wishing you a happy 19th birthday and a great year

It was only yesterday when you were small
It seems overnight you’ve grown strong and tall
I remember fondly all the fun things we did
But now you are no longer a little kid
Now you’re an adult, finding your way
Happy 19th birthday on your special day

Your journey through life has started well
Where you’ll end up only time will tell
But this I tell you is certainly the truth
You’re full of promise, vitality, and youth
Whatever you may do, wherever you may go
There’s one more thing I want you to know
I’m wishing you the best for your 19th year
You’re someone who is to me so very dear

Wishing you happiness and cheer
For this and every coming year
You’re 19 years with so much to give
Life is yours to enjoy and live
Happy 19th birthday

Some may say you’re too young to understand
The seriousness of life and all its demands
But this is something about you I surely know
You’ll make the most of yourself wherever you go
Happy 19th birthday, we’re thinking of you
Good luck and best wishes in all that you do

Take it from me, I know you’ll do great things
You’ll handle with class everything life brings
Work hard, but make sure to have fun along the way
Here’s wishing you a wonderful 19th birthday

Time has gone quickly and now you’re 19 years old
You’re an original, you don’t fit in any mold
You can have it all in life, this I know for a fact
Happy 19th to someone who’s an around class act