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Birthday wishes to a friend:messages,quotes and images

Birthday wishes to a friend:messages,quotes and images

Birthday wishes to a friend! Make your friend’s birthday extra special by sending them one of our heartfelt, touching or funny birthday wishes to a friend. Without friends our life would simply be boring and incomplete. They touch our hearts, they listen, and they care for and support us. And, on friend’s birthday, we pause for a moment to celebrate their very existence and make sure they know how important they are to us. Surprise them this year with best birthday wishes for friend on Facebook, write them a birthday card, or tell them in person how you truly feel. That’s what friends are for! Below you will find some birthday wishes to a friend list,hope you can find what you like to celebrate your friend’s birthday.

Birthdays are such an important event and friends are some of the most special people in our lives, therefore it is natural to want to send the best birthday wishes we can come up with. However, it isn’t always easy to create the perfect happy birthday wishes to a friend. It was with this in mind that we created this collection so you could find the right birthday wishes to a friend or best friend.

Birthday Wishes to a Friend

Friends are precious, selfless, kind-hearted, reassuring and they’ll pick up the phone any time of the day just to talk to you. Pamper them on their birthday and let them know how much you care by finding the perfect birthday wishes to a friend.

Birthday Wishes to a Friend
Birthday Wishes to a Friend

Joined at the hip, stuck by the shoulder, pursed through the eyes, smothered by companionship – our friendship is forever sealed with the bond of love. Happy birthday dear friend.

Today is your birthday. I hope that you receive more blessings than you hope for, and more good things come your way throughout the year. Happy birthday, friend!

as you always get what you ask for, but you may you always the right things. Happy Birthday friend. Oh, I didn’t get you anything.

It’s your birthday today, and I’m so sad that I can’t be there. I’ll send you special wishes through a little prayer. Happy birthday!

I hope that every extra candle on your cake gives you another reason to smile. Happy birthday!

I promise to light up your life even after you blow the candles away. Happy birthday.

Having good family and good friends is a beautiful gift from god. I’m having you as my friend and i can’t tell difference between family and friends. Happy Birthday friend!!

May your destiny take you to every single place that you have always dreamt of. Have an awesome birthday.

When we were kids, I never dreamed we’d grow up together and that I’d get to experience so much with you. I hope I get to help you celebrate many more birthdays!

Hey there! Sending birthday wishes your way for a beautiful year ahead. May your lucky stars continue to shine and make all of your dreams come true. Enjoy your day with all of the pleasures it has in store.

Here are two secrets I want to share with you on your birthday: 1. Forget your past because you can’t change it, and 2. Forget the present, too, because I definitely didn’t get you one. Happy birthday.

Birthday wishes

Funny Birthday wishes

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Birthday memes

Happy birthday memes

Birthday meme

Funny happy birthday meme

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Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

Birthday Wishes for Best Friend
Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

Birthdays come and go but best friends will stick by you through thick and thin. Our birthday wishes to a best friend will surely help make your bestie’s day more memorable.Here you will find happy birthday wishes to a friend, happy birthday quotes for friends, funny birthday wishes for friends, as well as many more birthday wishes for friends. May you find the best birthday wishes for your friend!This page shares the best birthday wishes for best friend together with beautiful pinnable images. Let’s celebrate your friend’ birthday by sending these well-wishes & messages.

There are three important dates of my life; New Year’s eve, Christmas and my best friend’s Birthday. I wish you a Healthy Birthday!!

Through laughter and cries, I wish that we continue to swipe each other’s mascaras. To more years of birthdays and friendships!

You’re my best friend because when I’m with you I know I can be myself. Thank you for always bringing out the best in me!

On this birthday, I promise not to reveal your age number to any, but then you should probably blow those numbers 2 and 8 on your cake.

My wishes for your birthday include a lifetime of laughter, a passing acquaintance with life’s worries and tons of big dreams fulfilled. May all your fantasies become reality because you are so worthy.

Today is your birthday – the perfect day to tell you how wonderful a friend you are. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to my dearest friend. Here’s to another year of laughing hysterically at our inside jokes and trying to keep each other sane.

Congratulations on being even more experienced. I’m not sure what you learned this year, but every experience transforms us into the people we are today. Happy Birthday.

Hey – you made it another year without getting eaten alive by a bear. Congrats! Happy birthday.

I know you don’t like cake, so I bought you 1,000,000 lollipops. Same thing, right?

Happy Birthday you magnificent bastard!! I bet your house is filled with many leatherbound books… and stinks of rich mahogany!!!

Of all the people in this world, I’m glad you chose me as a friend. I hope to return all the joy and kindness you’ve shown me over the years. Happy birthday!

When you blow out the candles on your birthday, know that you have made this world a brighter place. May all of your wishes and dreams come true! Happy birthday.

Birthdays should be fun, crazy and wild, just like the one I’ve planned for you today. Happy birthday mate!

Funny Birthday Wishes for Friend

Funny Birthday Wishes for Friend
Funny Birthday Wishes for Friend

Who makes you laugh more than your friends? So return the favor by choosing silly, humorous and wacky happy birthday messages for friends that will put a smile on their face on this important day. Enjoy these funny birthday greetings.

I planned for last one year to celebrate this special day of your life. Let’s pick every item of joy to celebrate the day in the most remarkable way. Happy birthday.


Wishing happy birthday to that person who can easily turn my tears into a laugh. May all the dreams of your life will come true in this coming year! Happy birthday.

Our life cannot be fulfilled without a perfect family and true friend. I’m so lucky that I’ve them both. Happy birthday.

I’ve been looking for this day. I arranged everything that is needed to make your special day into the greatest memory of your life. Let’s celebrate. Happy birthday.

Buddy, you are my true partner and you keep getting better and better. Thanks for all the memories you have to me. Happy birthday.

Your love and appreciation for me will always be cherished in my memories. Happy birthday, friend.

True friends go through the test of distance and time but no matter where we are, there will always be a connection that keeps us together. Happy birthday!

Your best friend can play the perfect soundtrack in your life’s reality show. I’m so glad that you are similar like that. Happy birthday.

Buddy, you were my perfect partner in those old days and I hope you’ll remain so no matter what happens. I’m so lucky and grateful for all the things we did and all the memories we shared. Have a wonderful birthday.

As we are getting older, our bond of friendship is becoming even tougher. It’ll remain so till we are breathing. Happy birthday buddy.

A true friend shares the birthday with you and makes you happier. A true friend is more precious than any other thing in your life. Happy birthday.

Friends know how to care and love. That’s why they are so important in our life. Happy birthday buddy.

Birthday Quotes for Friend

Birthday Quotes for Friend
Birthday Quotes for Friend

Thank you for all the memories we have. Without you the world would have been colorless to me.

Happy birthday to the one person who has always been there for me and accepted me for who I am. I hope you get all that you dreamed of today.

Blowing out another candle should mean that you have lived another year of joy, and that you’ve made this world a better place. Make every day of your life, and every candle, count. Have a delightful birthday!

The birds are singing and the sun is shining. It’s a special day for the special dude (or lady) who brings joy to the world. Happy Birthday, sunshine!

You and your birthday, both are truly very special in my life. All I need is your presence throughout the life. Happy birthday buddy.

Congratulations on this one more year of survival through your math class. You got this! Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday!! Wishing you a wonderful year ahead. Your birthday deserves to be a national holiday, because you are a special, national treasure

I don’t think life is like a box of chocolates. I think life is like an Almond Joy. You bite into it and get a mouthful of flakes and then you have to eat thru the flakes to find those 2 perfect and delicious nuts. You and I are the nuts!! Happy Birthday from one nut to another.

This is the day when an adventure were born and you are that adventure in my life. A friend like you are very few in this world. Wish you a very Happy Birthday!!

Just remember that age is only a number, and you make your age look great! Have a happy and joyous birthday!

I’m sorry to inform you that you’ve just got a year older mate. But look at the bright side, you’ve just spent a whole year more with a friend like me. Thank your stars, and here’s to many more! Happy birthday!

Birthday Poems for Friend

Birthday Poems for Friend
Birthday Poems for Friend

Birthday Wishes To A Fabulous Friend

A special Friend can warm our world
and make life more worthwhile ..
With just a few well chosen words
and a friendly, little smile.

So, as your Birthday approaches
it’s the perfect time to send ..
A Birthday wish that’s most sincere
to a very special Friend.



To A Special Friend

Happy Birthday to you
my kind, lovely friend ..
May your birthday happiness
never, ever end!

Enjoy Your Day



For A Lovely Friend Like You

Special treats and lovely gifts
cards and flowers, too ..
Just some of the things
that are well deserved
by a friend, lovely as you!

Happy Birthday


Your friendship means the world to me
each day, the whole year through ..
Because there just aren’t many friends
quite as lovely, as you!

We’ve shared many happy memories
that often bring a smile ..
And make time, shared with you
all the more, worthwhile.

It goes without saying
that few friends can be found ..
Who are, as special as you
and that are nice to be around.

As today becomes a memory
you can treasure with your heart ..
You’re a friend, who deserves it
and we’ll never grow apart!

Have A Lovely Birthday


Happy Birthday Friend

Making others happy
is such a part of you ..
You’re always
kind and thoughtful in
everything you do.

That’s why this birthday message
comes with special thoughts to say ..
Thanks for being you and
have a very happy day!


For A Special Friend

A day that’s really happy
is being wished for you ..
When all the things
you’re hoping for
really do come true.

Happy Birthday


For A Special Friend

Your friendship means a lot to me
each day, the whole year through ..
Because there just aren’t many friends
as fabulous as you.

Happy Birthday


May sunny moments warm your heart
each hour, all day through ..
May happy moments fill this day
and make things nice for you.

There’s sunshine in these wishes
meant, especially for you ..
For that is exactly, what you bring
to others, all year through.

The sunshine in your thoughtfulness
your are so kindness and caring ..
May all the warmth and happiness you give
return to you, for sharing.

Happy Birthday



Birthday Wishes For Friends

Make a wish my precious Friend
for this day is all yours ..
May things that come to an end
always open new doors.

Happy Birthday


Thinking Of You On Your Birthday
My Dear Friend

I think of you so often
and wherever you may be ..
I hope you know our friendship
meant the world to me.

For though you’ve left this earthly life
to dwell in heavenly skies ..
You and I will always know
that friendship never dies.

Funny Friend Birthday Poems

I have known you quite a while
When you talk, you make me smile.

A special Friend I just may keep
If you buy me, a cool jeep.

It’s your birthday, I near on forgot
Searched online, bought you squat.

Hope you don’t turn all bitter
Since you’ve never been a quitter.

I nearly quit, writing this verse
Mind is blank, it’s a curse.

Soon, your party, will be here
If I wake up, I just may seeya.


Knowing you is such a pleasure
that grows, as time goes by ..
Brightening days with friendship
and that’s the reason why.

On your birthday it’s a pleasure
as it is, the whole year through ..
To wish life’s every happiness
especially for you.

A birthday should be wonderful
for a special friend like you ..
For all the warm and caring times
and nice things that you do.

A birthday should be filled with
all the happiness, a day can bring ..
For friends like you should always
have the best of everything.

Enjoy Your Special Day


Special treats and lovely gifts
cards and flowers, too ..
Just some of the things
that are well deserved
by a friend, lovely as you!

Happy Birthday


It’s friends like you
who make the world
a happy place to be ..
So wishing you a Birthday
that turns out perfectly!