Birthday Wishes for Coworker: Quotes and Messages

Birthday Wishes for Coworker: Go beyond the basic professional etiquette and do something more than just a measly greeting card on your Coworker’s birthday. Write a sweet quote on a note and put it on your colleague’s desk before he or she gets into office in the morning. The message should be quite clear – letting your co-workers know that you value their support, ideas, help, team spirit and guidance in your everyday work life. If your relationship has bloomed into a strong friendship, go the extra mile with cute posts on Facebook. Send a barrage of funny texts and share heaps of stuff on Pinterest to show that you really care. Remember, that in the long run it pays to build bridges and make friends at the workplace.

Birthday Wishes for Coworker Hope You Enjoy Your Day


Many people have the ability to create a professional atmosphere in the office but very few colleagues have the ability to make an office feel like home while staying professional at the same time. Happy birthday to one such fantastic co-worker.

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I know that nothing can come in the way of me and a promotion, because I have a colleague who is the ultimate source of motivation. Happy birthday.

Thanks for being not just a great colleague, but a better friend. Birthday Wishes for Coworker.

Happy people like you make me happy to come to work every day. Happy birthday Mr Happy.Birthday Wishes for Coworker.

If we didn’t have a colleague like you on the team, completing projects would have been a wishful dream. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday to the colleague who removes the blues out of Monday morning and adds vibrant hues to Friday night drinks. Have a good one.

Never do I have a dull day in the office, having a chirpy colleague like you around is a bliss. With a smile brighter than the clear blue skies, colleagues like you in short supply. Happy birthday.

I may not be the smartest but I make up for it by being around smart colleagues like you. Happy birthday.

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Creating a great career is less about degrees and achievements, and more about creating great working relationships with the people around you. This, is what I have learnt in working with helpful colleagues like you. Happy birthday.

Some colleagues make you look wrong even when you are right. But a SuperColleauge like you makes me look right all the time – even when I am wrong. Happy birthday.

Thanks for being a colleague who pushes me when I go slow and slows me down whenever I go too fast. Happy birthday.

I am glad I have a helpful colleague who has the brains of Scientist and the heart of a Mother. Happy birthday.

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Great colleagues are those who make work seem like play. Happy birthday to one such awesome person.Birthday Wishes for Coworker.

Everyone likes you, not just because you are an expert in your domain, but because you happily share your expertise with everyone. Happy birthday.

Thanks for being a colleague who has given me support and encouragement instead of jealousy and manipulation. Happy birthday.

Everyone in the office stands by each other when things are going according to plan. But very few colleagues like you stand shoulder to shoulder even when things go wrong. Happy birthday braveheart.

Without Coworker like you, workplaces would be devoid of the two most important things – smiles and laughs. Happy birthday.


The secret to a happy workspace is having awesome colleagues like you. Happy birthday.

Motivate and Inspire are words that come in mind when I think about you, because that is what you do. Birthday Wishes for Coworker.

You’re so fabulous coworker, that they could pay me peanuts and I would still want to work with you! Have a superb day and a fantastic year ahead of you.

It’s your birthday, so sit back, relax and don’t do a thing. That should be really easy for you. Just pretend you’re at work. Happy birthday!

You’re one of the best coworker I’ve ever worked with. You help me when I need help and cover for me when I go to the bathroom. Happy birthday!

Getting to work with someone as awesome as me should be the only birthday present you need, and it even lasts all year long.

Happy birthday! You are a great coworker and a great friend!

Happy birthday friend

Happy birthday to the colleague who makes to-do lists shorter and office parties longer.

The best part about having a colleague who is more of a friend, is that I can be myself and never have to pretend. Birthday Wishes for Coworker.

None of the shops had a greeting card for a colleague and best friend, both in one. So I made my own. Birthday Wishes for Coworker.


My wife thinks that there is something fishy when she sees me eager to go to work on a Monday morning. But she does not know that I have a great buddy for a colleague. Happy birthday.

I don’t like overtime just because I get paid more. I love overtime because I get to spend more time with awesome Coworker like you. Happy birthday.

Some colleagues make decisions, some colleagues find faults, some Coworker gossip and some colleagues tell others what to do. You are different because all you do is focusing on getting the job done. Happy birthday.

The office is less like a workplace, all because of your chirpy face. The team functions like a well-oiled machine, thanks to one of the most helpful Coworker I’ve seen. Happy birthday to the co-worker who is the department’s heartbeat, your presence is what makes work-life so sweet.

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How hard you work today will be directly proportional to how hard we make you party tonight. Happy birthday.

In the corporate world where competition is cut-throat, helpful and supportive colleagues like you are more important than college degrees. Happy birthday to my man Friday.

I couldn’t imagine working with anyone else. Happy birthday.

Not all employees get perks at work. Mine comes in the form of working with fun colleagues like you. Happy Birthday!


When new recruits are given orientation on their first day, they must be told that they have to aim to become model employees and terrific colleagues like you. Happy birthday.

I am successful at what I do, not because I am smart or intelligent but because I have smart and intelligent Coworker like you. Happy birthday.

Thanks up for brightening up every day at work by being funny and smart. I always knew that there was something different about you from the very start. Happy birthday.

If your cubicle wasn’t next to mine, I don’t think coming to work would have been an experience so fine. Happy birthday buddy.

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Promotions are good, bonuses are better but working with a colleague like you is the best perk of this job. Happy birthday.

In the corporate world where competition is cut-throat, helpful and supportive colleagues like you are more important than college degrees. Happy birthday to my man Friday.

Supporter, critic, motivator, teacher, friend and mentor – Happy birthday to a colleague who is literally all-in-one.

Best coworker birthday wishes

People list awards, projects, training programs and achievements in their job experience but often forget that all of it would have been impossible without the help of selfless colleagues like you. Happy birthday.

Hard work, dedication, punctuality and perseverance are the core elements of individual success, while efficient and helpful colleagues like you are the core element of success for any team.

Less like a colleague, more like a friend. Never annoying, always helpful in every way. Less of a co-worker, more of a mate. You are the reason why I love, coming to work every day. Happy birthday.

Good manpower is the key difference between good companies and bad companies. With employees like you, no wonder ours is a great company. Happy birthday.


It is good to have colleagues who are top performers but it is best to have colleagues like you – who help everyone around them shine out and become top performers themselves. Happy birthday.

When I retire, I will not have as many memories of the work as much the memories of the lunch breaks I took with you. Happy birthday.

No matter how many contracts we have won, no matter how many projects we have done, if you weren’t in my team my job would never have been fun. Happy birthday.

Birthday wishes for boss

The best part about having a coworker like you who is more of a friend, is that I can be myself and never have to pretend. Happy birthday.

I would have been absent for work today but I remembered that it’s your birthday so here I am. Happy Birthday to the funniest, most industrious colleague in town!

I feel grateful to work with such a professional co worker like you. On your birthday, wishes and blessings so that all your dreams come true. Have a blissful day, have a happiest birthday.

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Birthday Greetings For Colleagues

A Birthday wish knocking your door as a big bonus hits your pocket. A very happy birthday to you.

You are a very efficient professional and a very good companion work. I wish you much happiness on the day of your birthday

Wishing you the most productive and successful year ever. Happy Birthday!

Dear coworker: I’m wishing you a year of fun and good and sun. And when that year of yours is all but almost done. Know that not long after, you’ll be right back here with me. And I’ll have planned another party to celebrate your birth-day.

Today is your b-day, and I just wanted to say… You’re lovely and kind, and I want you to stay! Enjoy working with you so much, and today on your birthday, make the most of it!

funny birthday wishes for coworker

Every year that comes and goes, and there you are right under my nose. My mate, my co-worker, but mostly my friend. We’ll work this job until the end! Happy birthday anyway!

Happy birthday to a great co-worker and friend. We work in the same place, but that doesn’t mean we’re only work pals. Let’s celebrate your big day just the way you want today!

How many years has it been since we’ve been working at this place? I can’t even remember, but I do remember the day that I met you. You’re a great person to work with, and you’re a great friend to have in a place like this! Happy birthday!

To a friend and a coworker: I hope today is everything you’ve imagined and that you enjoy it to the fullest! Happy birthday!

The years have come and gone, and I am so glad we’ve remained close. When I go into work each morning, it’s a comfort to know you’ll be there. You’re a wonderful person to work with and a wonderful friend to have outside of work as well! Happy birthday!

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I hope you don’t mind we didn’t throw you a big bash at work for your birthday today. But I figured you would want to get out of there as soon as possible! Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to the sanest one in the office. Don’t leave us just because you’re getting older, we wouldn’t be able to stand it!

To a friendly, wonderful, beautiful, caring, kind, giving, lovely coworker: happy birthday, and may this day bring you joy and happiness!

Happy birthday poems

It’s your big day! So come into work, kick back, relax and forget about papers and computers. You deserve a break, so have a happy birthday!

Happy birthday to a lovely co-worker who I also call a friend. I look forward to coming into work every day, and you’re a big part of that. Looking forward to many more years. Have a wonderful day.

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Not only do you ask all of the stupid questions that I have throughout the day at work, you do it with a smile! Here’s to one of the best co-workers a guy can have. Have a happy birthday, pal!

Happy birthday, coworker! Thanks for being born on this day, so that we can have some cake and punch in the office! You’re the best, and have a great day.

You are a great person to work with and a great buddy to have drinks with afterward. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday wishes
Birthday wishes for friends

Happy birthday to a kind and caring coworker. You are such a pleasant person to be around, and I’m proud to say I work alongside you every day. Have a good one!

You know you’re getting old when you can remember about 10 of a co-workers birthdays. Maybe that’s when you know you’ve been working at the same place for too long as well! At any rate, have a happy birthday, and know you are appreciated here.

funny birthday wishes for coworker

Happy birthday to a wonderful coworker and good friend. You’re a pleasure to work alongside, and I look forward to many more years of office pranks! Have a great day!

Here’s hoping that this day will bring you the happiness and joy you deserve (after you get home from work, of course). Happy birthday.

Happy birthday to the best office friend a gal could ask for. Hope your day is really special!