1º aniversário deseja feliz e mensagens de aniversário bonitos do bebê

1º aniversário feliz is a meaningful occasion in a child’s and whole family’s life. É um momento especial, quando todos se reúnem para uma celebração em honra deste pequeno novo membro da família, filha ou filho, sobrinho ou sobrinha. Here you will find a wonderful collection of 1º aniversário feliz:happy birthday wishes for one year old baby girl or boy. Hope you have fun while reading them!

Happy 1st Birthday Wishes,Messages And Quotes

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happy 1st birthday wishes

You might not be able to blow out the only candle on your cake. But as if it were the light of a million candles, your love brightens up our lives in a way that no one can explain. 1º aniversário feliz.

You will not remember the flavor of your first birthday cake but you will always be able to feel the warmth and love of your parents that went into making it. Happy birthday.

Em apenas doze anos mais, você vai se tornar um adolescente rebelde que não gosta de ser dadas abraços e beijos. Até então, deixe-me abraçar você para o conteúdo do meu coração e desejar um feliz aniversário 1.

Even though you are a toddler and you just don’t care, we promise to celebrate your birthday with pomp and flair. primeiro aniversário feliz.

Never underestimate the power that one year olds possess. From constant squeals to dirty nappies, they make everyone dance on their tiny fingers. 1º aniversário feliz.


Nós te amamos não apenas porque você está virando um, mas porque você é verdadeiramente um em um milhão. Nós mexer com você não só porque você é doce, mas porque prendendo você é um deleite precioso. Em vida, nós sabemos que tudo o que fazemos, você não só vai ir muito longe, você vai ser uma estrela do rock. 1º aniversário feliz.

Are you sure that you haven’t learnt how to write yet? Because you carved your name all over my heart since the very day you were born. primeiro aniversário feliz.

Your angelic smile and your innocent eyes support my faith in the fact that life is worth living despite all the troubles. Happy birthday, my daughter.

Finalmente, you have got a whole number as your age. 1º aniversário feliz.

Congratulations for completing one whole year of your life, but beware of what lies ahead! 1º aniversário feliz

My dear child, as you grow up, may you lose all your fears and inhibitions but never the innocence in your soul. 1º aniversário feliz.


Have all the fun you can have on your first birthday. People won’t fuss over you this much when you are two. primeiro aniversário feliz.

Não há nenhum outro presente perfeito para um bebê que já recebeu o dom maravilhoso de genes perfeitos. 1º aniversário feliz ao um pouco, assim como a mãe orgulhosa e papai!

The way in which you are desperate to crawl even though you are just a one-year-old clearly shows that you are going to grow up to be an achiever. 1º aniversário feliz.

Parabéns, your parents have managed to tolerate you, and you have managed to tolerate your parents for one whole year. Only about two more decades to go before you move out. 1º aniversário feliz

You are so little right now but you have brought unimaginably large amounts of happiness in our lives. Feliz Aniversário, filho.

A movie should be made on your life and it should be called Eat, Pray, Poop. 1º aniversário feliz.

You seem to have miraculous powers, pequeno. You can’t walk or talk but the entire household functions as per your demands. Happy birthday.

Whether you turn one, thirteen or eighteen, you will always be my life’s reigning queen. 1º aniversário feliz

Your parents are lucky to have such an adorable one-year-old as their child, and you are lucky to have such loving parents as your mom and dad. Such a perfect family! um pouco feliz aniversário.


The cutest selfies ever, are the ones taken with you. 1º aniversário feliz.

Cuddle-coo, sweetie-shoo, pretty-poo – I want to wish you a happy first birthday but I just can’t get over how cute you are!

In just one year you have made amazing progress from being a mere ultrasound report to being a cute little toddler. Happy 1st birhday.

With your unlimited cuteness, you have the power to make anyone do whatever you want. Happy first birthday to the most powerful person in the family right now.

I can bet my entire life savings on the fact that there is not a single one-year-old in this world who is as cute as you are. Cutie feliz aniversário.

I will not say that life will never throw storms at you, but I promise to be there whenever you feel blue. 1º aniversário feliz.

If there was a beauty pageant for one year olds, you would be crowned Miss One Year Old Universe. Happy 1st birthday beautiful.

So how did 365 days on our planet Earth feel like? Pretty awesome with amazing parents, loving family, fun toys and a beautiful home like yours, I bet. primeiro aniversário feliz.

Don’t worry if you don’t know what the hell is happening around you. First birthdays are understood and enjoyed only in hindsight in the form of cute selfies taken by mommy and daddy. um pouco feliz aniversário.


If any of us boring adults had the chance, I bet we would all want to go back to being one year olds again. So enjoy your enviable age while it lasts. primeiro aniversário feliz

Life will have its twists and turns, ups and downs… but your innocent smile will always wipe off our frowns. 1º aniversário feliz.

You are going to melt my heart and empty my pockets, because I just can resist pampering such a cutie pie with gifts again and again. Happy birthday.

Your birthday is not a miracle, but what you will make out of your life will definitely be. Happy first birthday little one.

Forget the latest iPhone. YOU are the latest obsession of the entire family. 1º aniversário feliz.

No matter how much icing your birthday cake has, it can’t be sweeter than you. 1º aniversário feliz.

Happy 1st birthday WISHES TO BABY BOY

You have brought joy into my life greater than I could have ever imagined. I love you so much and hope your day is fabulous. Happy Birthday, kiddo!

Cada dia que você adicionou algo incrível para minha vida. Você é o maior filho em tudo o que você faz! Happy Birthday, kiddo!

On this date years ago, you came into my life. Becoming a mother to such a beautiful son touched me in a way that nothing else in life can. Happy Birthday, filho!

Bringing birthday wishes for the apple of my eye. You are the greatest gift. My precious son, I love you immensely. Happy Birthday, querido menino!

I wanted to give you a present as sweet as you, and I’m sorry, but I couldn’t find anything. Just kidding. You will love your gift. Happy Birthday.

Todos os anos que envelhecem, e eu crescer mais orgulhoso de um filho tão incrível. Você é o milagre da minha vida. I love you. Muitos desejos do aniversário para você, meu filho.

Honesto, successful and handsome are just a few adjectives I use to describe my darling son. This is your special day and I hope you enjoy it to the fullest

Another year has passed and I have grown to love you even more, which I did not think was possible. You’ve become such a remarkable boy who makes us so proud every day. Happy Birthday, filho!

The moment I first laid eyes on you, I knew you were a gift from God. As the years pass, I thank God for my blessing, meu filho.

I often count the blessings of my life. You are the best blessing I have ever received. I am the happiest mother in the world. Happy Birthday.

Happy 1st birthday WISHES FOR BABY GIRL

A baby girl like you is rare. You are so cute and nice that you deserve a superb gift from everybody. Feliz Aniversário para você! May all your days be full with ever increasing happiness!

You give so much joy and happiness to those who are around that you deserve a blank check of happiness and blessings. desejo-te um feliz aniversário, dear!

You need a lot of kisses, hugs and blessings from every one. All the blessings of the good people will do good for the coming years. Parabéns pra você!

You are a gift from God and this day only reminds us even more how grateful we all are to have you in our family! primeiro aniversário feliz!

Your parents are heroes because they have survived a whole year of sleepless nights, intense crying and piles of diapers to change! primeiro aniversário feliz!

On your special day I just want you to know that you are always remembered by me in a very special way. You are always in my prayers and I wish the best for you this birthday. Happy Birthday to you dear one.

Let the little princess reach success and meet happiness in each step of her life.

Parabéns, your parents have managed to tolerate you, and you have managed to tolerate your parents for one whole year. Only about two more decades to go before you move out. 1º aniversário feliz.

With your unlimited cuteness, you have the power to make anyone do whatever you want. Happy first birthday to the most powerful person in the family right now.

I think that literature experts of the world should remove the definition of the word Cute from their dictionaries and replace it with your picture. 1º aniversário feliz, you adorable little one.

Your first birthday has made us all excited so I hope you are going to enjoy this!

HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY to my baby girl

You are turning one year old today and we are so excited some people think it’s our own birthday party. Happy Birthday!

Filhas são quentes como o sol, brilhante como as estrelas, fresco como uma brisa, e doce como mel. Quem não amaria alguém assim! Happy Birthday, Daughter! I Love You!

Our spirit will always follow every step of yours. Whenever you need us we will be there for you. Happy Birthday my girl! Você nunca foi nada, mas maravilhoso. A daughter like you is a true blessing, um presente, uma adição maravilhosa para uma vida feliz. Você fez o meu tão feliz como isso poderia ser possível! Happy Birthday, Daughter!

My darling little cutie pie, you are totally a big ball of fun. Parabéns pra você, Sweet Little One!

I wish you the desire and courage to follow your dreams, your passions. Sempre.

“Happy third birthday to our busy bee, Simona. Mommy and Daddy send millions of hugs and kisses your way on this special day. We can’t wait to celebrate with you! Muito amor, Mommy and Daddy.”

May you grow up to be smarter, wise and intelligent and your purity and innocence always be consistent. Happy first birthday my child.

Everyone is enjoying your first birthday, but you are unknown about your surroundings, but one day I will show you the celebration of your 1st birthday.

Desejando-lhe um feliz aniversário, honey. May you get all the happiness, Paz, success and pleasure ahead in your life.

I can never have enough of that pretty little smile, I am proud to be sharing your first birthday with you. My wishes to you are that you never luck a single thing and that you may get to enjoy the beauty of the world all day every day. I love you.

May the good luck and fortune always be with my child. 1º aniversário feliz.

You are my soul, my heart, and my strength. May God give you success and happiness throughout of your life. Happy 1st birthday my sweet baby.

A mother’s first love is only for his child and I am even ready to give my soul for the sake of your happiness. I wish you a very happy first birthday my honey bee.

This the best day of my life, because God granted me the world’s best gift on this day and that is you, my child. You are nothing but the reason of my existence, my happiness and peace. Happy 1st birthday dear baby.

HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY to my baby boy

Happiness is when your 1st -year child say mummy with his garbled word. Happy first birthday my sweet and adorable child.

You are the sparkle of our expectations that spouted in our heart. You are the blessing on my desolate life. I wish you a very delightful 1st birthday my sweet child.

To a cute and wonderful baby, we cherish every bit of hour, minutes and second you have spent with us here, we hope to see you become great in life. 1º aniversário feliz.

There are very few days like this one, because today marks the start of a divine journey on earth. May this journey be delightful unto you. 1º aniversário feliz.

Your smile gives warmth to my heart and when you are move to tears, it breaks my heart. All I wish to see is your smile and I’ll do anything for that. Happy 1st birthday cutie.

I just hope that it’s me you’ll resemble when you grow up, because I love you so much. Don’t tell your mother please. 1º aniversário feliz.

If you could be food, I would eat you up because you are too cute. But obviously your mother won’t let me. heheheh, I will settle for some cakes instead. Happy 1st birthday pretty kid.

The journey of a thousand years starts with a step. Today I am happy to be there while you take the first step. May you have an adventurous journey in your sojourn here. 1º aniversário feliz.

Your mother is really a lucky woman because she gave birth to you, a wonderful cute princess. Before you know it, every man will want to have you. 1º aniversário feliz.

When babies are at this stage, they really look cute and innocent. How I wish you can remain like this, but you will soon grow up. I really love you. 1º aniversário feliz.

Happy birthday pretty young baby, I know you may find it really difficult to remember this day, but you are much loved. 1º aniversário feliz.

happy first birthday wishes

The love that everyone has for you now is so much, that even if you poop on their body, they dare not hit you. Enjoy it while it last buddy. 1º aniversário feliz.

Your soft hand and leg, your tiny little face, your soft little chuckle. I can have them all day if you let me. Happy 1st birthday cute baby, May you have a good and fulfilled life.

I can’t believe that you have grown up so fast that you are already this big. You must thank mom for that. Happy 1st birthday my little baby, mom loves you.

The wonderful news of your arrival into this world gives mommy and daddy the reason to be so happy up till date. Mom and Dad loves you forever baby. 1º aniversário feliz.

Today we celebrate you our wonderful kid. Even though you are too young to understand this, you will be glad we did this for you when you’re grown. 1º aniversário feliz.

Hoje você é 1! A significant number, I want to hope that this is just one out of many years of achievement and fruitfulness that lies ahead of you. 1º aniversário feliz.

As months went by, you brought more joy to us. We even fight over who to change your pampers, because it’s a joy doing it for you. Happy 1st birthday baby, wish you many more.

Em vida, the joy of every parent is to reproduce someone of their image, and thanks to God for giving you to us. We wish you a long and prosperous life. 1º aniversário feliz.

Having a cheerful kid like you is a thing of joy to your parent, you are always cheerful. The only thing you could cry about is food. Happy 1st birthday cute baby.

May God preserve and guide you in the journey of life, it’s the start of the journey for you and may you cover more grounds. Happy 1st birthday great man to be.

happy 1st birthday princess

I am so sure that this is just the first of the many years you will spend with us here. We cherish and love you. Happy 1st birthday our heritage. You rock our world.

Happy 1st birthday my cute baby, what a pity you can’t take ice cream and pizza. But don’t worry, in a couple of years you’ll have some. Have a long and healthy life.

You are a loveable little baby, may your life be as colorful as the rainbow in the sky. 1º aniversário feliz.

It’s your first birthday. You know what that means… Go Wild! Destroy that cake! You won’t remember it anyways, so just have a blast!

1º aniversário feliz, Minha querida. Wishing you all of the care-free happiness and laughter of your first year on earth to continue for all the years to come.

Você é um ano inteiro de idade! É hora de gingar o seu caminho para esses terríveis dois anos. Diverta-se! Happy Birthday, você patife pequeno!

Your first birthday is important. It marks the start of your life’s journey into society. Don’t worry kiddo, we don’t bite…..much.

Cutie Feliz Aniversário! Wishing your parents all the best of luck as you start your climbing phase!

Instructions for having a cry-free first birthday: Invest in a great cake, and keep lots of wet wipes! 1º aniversário feliz!

first birthday wishes

1º aniversário feliz! Enjoy these carefree years, little buddy. Your parents will cherish these simpler days in the crazy years ahead.

You just turned 1! Parentes, take lots of pictures. You’ll want them for blackmail later when they start dating.

Congratulations on figuring out all those motor skills. Quero dizer, you could probably use a little more practice, but you’ve got a pretty endearing waddle going on for the time being. Have a Happy 1st Birthday!

Feliz aniversário, docinho! May all of the days ahead be as happy as this, your very first birthday!

I didn’t think you could get any cuter but now I see you enjoying your cake, I realize that you can. You just might be the cutest thing in the entire world.

Rock-a-bye baby, in the tree top, my love for you grows and never will stop. Happy Birthday to you, sweet little one. Hoping your Birthday is love-filled and fun.

To the dear Birthday Baby: When you came into this world you made everyone around you happier. We all gratefully look forward to another year of joy as we watch you grow.

primeiro aniversário feliz. Eu sei que você pode ser demasiado jovem para se lembrar deste dia, mas eu quero que você saiba o quanto você é amado.

1st birthday wishes

Who knew that one tiny little ball of sweetness (YOU) could improve the lives of so many? Happy Birthday to our little miracle.

Esperamos que você tenha um grande aniversário, and by great we mean try not to drive your parents completely crazy. They will definitely need that small amount of sanity down the road.

On this day exactly one year ago, you came screaming into the world. So, I’m sure this is kinda weird compared to what you’re used to. 1º aniversário feliz!

With all the excitement of your first birthday, I’m sure you’ll be jet-powered for days on sugar. Too bad for Mom and Dad though. Have a great birthday you lil rascal!

1º aniversário feliz, you sweet thing. I can’t wait to cover you in kisses and hugs and snuggles.

Happy Birthday. I hope you don’t get too much of a sugar rush from all the sweets I got for you.

Happy Birthday to the most special baby on the planet earth. This day is as special as you are and I can’t wait to shower you in birthday kisses.

I can’t believe how big you’ve gotten. I can’t wait to celebrate this day with you.

desejos do aniversário para 1 ano de idade

You are so cute I could just eat you up. I’ll settle on eating some of your cake instead.

I know you have no idea how important this day is but someday you will love your birthday. Until that days, I will celebrate.

Tiny hands and feet, tiny little coo’s, tiny little smiles… ENORMOUS happiness for those who love you. Happy Birthday, Sweetie.

I am so grateful each day for you. You are certainly one of God’s greatest gifts. I pray that the coming year brings you countless and abundant blessings. Happy Birthday.

Voltando um ano de idade é IMPRESSIONANTE! Você começa a quebrar o bolo em todo o lugar, cuspir-lo de volta em seu Mom, e se alguém fica com raiva de você acabou de chorar muito e eles vão te perdoar. Tenha um feliz aniversário, kiddo!

Have a happy 1st birthday you adorable waddling little person. You won’t remember it, but we had a great time.

Birthday wishes for one year old

Happy birthday to my cute little bug, you‘ve grown up so much! Hoje é seu dia, so have as much fun as you can!

You are the most adorable

You are the most adorable little thing! Have a yummy and totally messy birthday, Cutie!

One year ago you came into

One year ago you came into our life and brought with you so much sunshine and joy! Happy birthday, little darling, let me give you a huge juicy hug!

First birthday is special

First birthday is special, because it‘s the only time when you can eat your birthday cake with your hands, face or feet! Happy bday!

Primeiros desejos de aniversário…

The warmest birthday greetings to my cute little princess! May this care-free happiness and joy of your first birthday continue for long long years to come!

Today is your first birthday

Today is your first birthday, my precious sweetie, so let us shake, rattle and roll!

Uau, it‘s hard to believe

Uau, it‘s hard to believe that today you are turning one. May this day be as amazing as you are cutie!

My little angel, may your

My little angel, may your special day and every single day bring you as much happiness as you are bringing to all of us!

Now you are learning how to walk and next year

Now you are learning how to walk and next year you will learn how to run.
Enjoy doing both of them! Happy 1st birthday my dearest one!

Happy Birthday you little one

Happy Birthday you little one! I wish you to have a lovely day and the best in life!

How quickly time has flown

How quickly time has flown! Today is your first, and many more are to come. Happy Birthday! Nós te amamos!

Birthday quotes for one year old

Congratulations on completing your first year! Deus te abençoê, dear child.

The first is the best

The first is the best! I wish you a giant cake and a mountain of toys!


Wishing you a very Happy 1st Birthday, my little doll

Wishing you a very Happy 1st Birthday, my little doll. You bring unlimited joy into our life!

You have the cutest smile I’ve ever seen

You have the cutest smile I’ve ever seen. Happy Birthday to the most precious one year old wee!

Happy first birthday wishes for daughter

Happy Birthday to the most beautiful princess in the entire world! May your life be a wonderful adventure full of happiness and joy.

You have lived only the first of your many Birthdays to come

You have lived only the first of your many Birthdays to come. Wishing you enjoy your first special day, first birthday cake and first candle on it!

1st birthday wishes for son

It is your very 1st birthday. Wishing you a good start my little rascal!

Kids are gifts from the God

Kids are gifts from the God. And you are the best gift I ever had! Wishing you all the best on your very first birthday!

Happy Birthday my little sunshine

Happy Birthday my little sunshine! Today is the first time when you will realize how much fun birthdays are!

I think it is a lot of fun

I think it is a lot of fun
When you become one!
Are you ready to try to blow your first candle?

Wishing you lots of hugs and kisses

Wishing you lots of hugs and kisses and hope you get all the toys your heart desires!

You have turned 1 today. I wish that you really enjoy

You have turned 1 today. I wish that you really enjoy every moment of your birthday, your first cake, first candle and Happy Birthday song!

It was only 12 months ago when we welcomed you in life

It was only 12 months ago when we welcomed you in life.
Today everyone wants to cuddle you and hold you in their arms.
Happy first Birthday!

A year ago God send to Earth a little angel

A year ago God sent to Earth a little angel. It was you!
I wish you to grow up into a wonderful person just like your parents!