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Happy birthday stepmom best wishes for you

Happy birthday stepmom best wishes for you

Happy Birthday Stepmom,best birthday wishes for you.Stepmothers are not always evil as they are made out to be in books and movies. They can be as loving, caring and generous as real mothers too. Whether your stepmom is a part of your life because your parents’ divorce or your mother’s untimely death – accept that things have changed and move on. Wish her a happy birthday with a sweet greeting card. Send her a cute gift with a handwritten note, just like you would if it were your own mom’s birthday. Strengthen your ties by calling her or sending her a text message. If you already share a friendly relationship with her, ping her on Facebook with a funny quote and tease her about growing old. As her stepson or stepdaughter, do your bit and extend a warm hand of friendship and acceptance.

 Happy birthday stepmom wishes

Loving your own kids is easy. Loving another woman’s children as your own is what makes stepmoms really special. Happy Birthday Stepmom.

Stepmothers are known to be wicked, cruel, malicious and cold. But you are an amazing woman with a heart of gold. Happy birthday.

You are dad’s second wife and my second mother, but your place in my heart is second to no one. Happy Birthday Stepmom.

Like a searchlight, you showed our family a way out of darkness. Happy birthday.

You are like the elder sister I never had and the best friend I always yearned for. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday to the stepmom who has always tried to fill the empty space in my heart, not my mother’s shoes.

Not every kid in the world is lucky enough to have two beautiful moms in one lifetime. Happy Birthday Stepmom.

A dark cloud in my life came when my parents got divorced. The silver lining came when I got a second mother like you. Happy birthday to my stepmother.

Birthday wishes for girlfriend


happy birthday stepmom messages

The society has painted stepmothers in such bad light because loving stepmoms like you are a rarity. Happy Birthday Stepmom.

I don’t know why stepmoms in movies are shown as mean, arrogant and rude. For me my STEPMOM is Superb, Tolerant, Empathetic, Patient, Mindful, Optimistic and Motherly. Happy birthday.

One step at a time, you curbed the anger in me. One step at a time, you made me your friend. One step at a time, you understood my dreams and one step at a time, you tried to fill my mother’s shoes. Thanks for everything, happy birthday.

I will never understand the difference between a stepmother and a biological mother because you have never shown me the difference between the two. Happy birthday ma.

You have always taken a step of love, a step of affection and a step of concern to make me feel loved. That is why I have never seen you as my stepmother, but always as my real mom. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday to the queen of disguise – an angel in the guise of a stepmom. Happy Birthday Stepmom.

You have never discriminated against me just because I am not your real child. Then why should I discriminate against you just because you are not my real mother? Happy birthday mom.

Bitterness with love, anger with calm, hostility with affection, in my life you’ve replaced every negative emotion. Happy birthday.

Sleeping Beauty was a lucky woman to find a handsome prince. But I am luckier to find a stepmother like you. Happy Birthday Stepmom.

You are not just my new mother, you are the most amazing mother ever. Happy birthday.

I am happy to have beaten dad to become your best friend in the family. Happy birthday mom.

Birthday wishes for lover

step mom birthday

I am your husband’s daughter from his ex. You are my father’s new wife. I’m glad we’ve never seen each other this way. Happy birthday.

You have proved that the stereotype of the ‘evil and wicked stepmother’ is a conspiracy to divide all the stepchildren and stepmothers of the world. Happy birthday.

Someone should make a movie about our lives so that the whole world can see that a stepdaughter-stepmom relationship can be fun and loving too. Happy birthday mom

Your womb has never been my home but your heart will always be. Happy birthday.

I was ready to fight every battle with you. But you came and disarmed me with your love. Happy birthday.

You could have become the wall between dad and me, but you became the glue. Happy birthday.

The word step has no meaning in my life – thanks to a loving mother like you. Happy birthday.

You are my half mother but my wishes for you can never be half-hearted. Happy birthday to my dearest stepmom.

You have proved that stepmoms are not just young gold diggers, trophy spouses or pretty bimbos. They can be devoted wives, committed mothers and amazing friends too. Happy birthday.

Good took away my mother but gave me a friend, sister, agony aunt and mentor in return. Happy birthday.

happy birthday quotes for stepmoms

You are an awesome stepmother because you have always stepped up to all the responsibilities of your new home, new husband and new kids. Happy birthday, we love you mom.

DNA, pregnancy and genes – we don’t need these to connect us. Happy birthday.

You never treated me as a spare child, but as an extra blessing from God. Happy Birthday Stepmom.

We are not just a blended family, we have blended so well that nothing can separate us. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday to the woman who succeeded at the impossible task of making her rigid and stubborn stepdaughter love her.

You are one of the few lucky women in the world who got a loving husband and a daughter with the same marriage. And I am one of the few lucky men who got two moms in the same life. Happy birthday.

A loving stepmother – it’s not an oxymoron, it’s my reality. Happy birthday.

God wanted to give me an awesome friend, cool sister and amazing companion at the same time – that’s why He gave me you. Happy birthday.

I know why every girl doesn’t like being a stepdaughter – that’s because not everyone has an amazing stepmom like you. Happy birthday.

Even though we are not related, calling you mom makes me elated. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday friend

Birthday Greeting Messages for Stepmom

Happy Birthday step mom! I know that I was difficult with you at first but you are truly something special. So I want to wish you one of the best birthday wishes ever.

Your love, care and grace make me feel full. I think this will be the best day of our lives together; we celebrate the birthday of the mother who was selfless enough to accept us as her own. Happy Birthday, step mom!

I live with you like I live with my real mom. I hope one day you will get all what you ask for mom. Happy Birthday!

When they say step mom, I think of the Cinderella stories my mom used to read to me every night. I am happy you are not anything like that. You are the mother I know now and I wish you nothing but the best on this day, Happy Birthday, mom.

Happy Birthday, step mother. I know that we haven’t always seen eye to eye but thank you for being there for me when I was down. You are way more different than I originally thought.

Happy Birthday, step mom. I was suspicious of you at first. It has taken some time for me to come around but you have been nothing but good to me. Have an awesome birthday!

It’s going to take some time for me to call you mom. I may never do it. But, it doesn’t change the fact that I think you are an awesome person. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday. You have been in a position that isn’t always the most ideal position. But you have been making the best of it and that’s what matters the most. Have a great day, step mom.

I don’t know what it’s like being a stepmom But I can say that I don’t envy where you are at right now. I know that I have only made things more difficult for you but you have stuck around when others haven’t. That makes you alright by me. Happy Birthday!

Birthday wishes for father

Birthday Wishes for Mother

Happy Birthday, stepmom. You have been awesome since the day we met. Have a great birthday and a better year.

I wish you the best. I know that even though you are my step mom, you are an amazing person. Happy Birthday to someone with a heart larger than a lion.

Happy Birthday, stepmom. You know at first, we were definitely rocking the boat. Since then, we have gotten along and I have come to see what a wonderful person you are. Enjoy your birthday! I will celebrate with you.

Happy Birthday to someone truly special. You have been a polarizing figure in our lives but you have made the best of your position as a stepmom. Thanks for being patient with us. Have a great birthday!

Happy Birthday, stepmom! Your love knows no bounds as you have treated us as if we were your own. Thank you for being so great.

Birthdays are always there, birthdays come and leave but there is nothing more special than celebrating the birthday of a beautiful poised woman. Happy Birthday, step mom, to me, you are my #1 mom.

Happy Birthday, stepmom. You are quite strange but you must truly love Dad in order for you to have the patience for us. We didn’t make things easy for you. Have a great birthday. We are going to make sure of it.

Dear mom, you are so beautiful, so great and forever loved. We love you and we hope you have a blast on your birthday.

Happy Birthday, step mom. We know that we weren’t the best stepchildren but you have only shown us love. Thank you for being so loving.

We want to wish you the best of birthday’s stepmom. You have been one of the best people in our lives and that is saying something. Have a great one. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday to a stepmom that has been nothing but awesome in that role. Thank you for being so incredible. Have a great one. We thank you.

First Birthday wishes

Happy birthday step mom

A wonderful birthday, step mom. You were easily one of the more influential people in my life which in all honesty was a surprise. Thank you for being so great.

I thought you were the worst when we first met but I could have never been more wrong. Thank you for turning out to be an incredible mom. You are the best. Happy Birthday!

I know that I gave you a hard time before you starting dating dad. But honestly, it was that I didn’t want him to get hurt again. You are definitely not what I thought. Happy Birthday, stepmom!

What do I know about love and friendship? That they can sometimes come from the most unexpected places. Happy Birthday, stepmom!

Thank you for being there for me when I was down. You have been such an awesome step mother that it’s not at all weird for me to call you mom. Happy Birthday.

You are an awesome woman and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Thank you for being there for us and showing us your love and affection. Happy Birthday, stepmom!

Happy Birthday, stepmom. I know that I willingly gave you one hell of a time when we first met but understand I did it to protect my father. You were definitely not the threat I thought you were. My bad.

You are a really awesome and fun loving mother. You never faltered or let us discourage you. You always tried to show us something sweet and killed us with kindness. Thank you. Happy Birthday, step mom!

We do not know what it will be like tomorrow. But today, you have showed us that you are an awesome woman full of life and love. Happy Birthday, stepmom.

Birthday wishes for boss

happy birthday stepmother

Happy Birthday, stepmom. You have been an awesome woman that has given new life to this family which could not have been provided otherwise.

No one can ever take your place in my heart. You hold a place not even my sister can take. Happy Birthday, stepmom!!

Happy Birthday, step mom. You are a special person in my life as you have taken on a very important role in my life. Thank you for taking up the challenge.

You took me in when I was lost ashamed and had no place to go to. You cared for me, loved me and took care of me. I hope you enjoy your birthday to the fullest. Happy Birthday, mom!

Happy Birthday, step mom. You are an awesome lady who has provided a ton of energy into this family with much hesitation. That is special in its own right. Thank you for everything!

It was just me and my dad for a while; you brought a new light in our lives. A light I know will never burn off. Happy Birthday, mommy!!

Happy Birthday, stepmom. I never knew my mother but honestly having you in the family, I never needed to. Thank you for being so incredible to me.

Today is your day, today is your birthday, and today we share a cake in your honor. We love you for you accepted our bratiness and selfishness. Happy Birthday, cute mom!

Happy Birthday, stepmom. You have been awesome and showing this family the love and affection it needed. You are great!

Happy birthday poems

stepmoms my best wishes for you

I will sing for you, dance for you, love you and appreciate every little thing you do for me. Thank you for being my second mom, I hope you enjoy your birthday.

Happy Birthday, step mom. I honestly don’t know what to do or how to thank you. Maybe for once I will be a well behaved stepchild. But I wouldn’t count on it. Love you!

When you first walked into my dad’s life, I hated the fact that you would replace me. But I am happy I have you, you are a blessing to us. Happy Birthday, stepmom!!

Happy Birthday, stepmom. You have risen up to the challenge of raising some rambunctious stepchildren. Thank you for showing patience and love to us.

You are the greatest mom ever. It’s your birthday and I know you will enjoy this day. Happy Birthday, stepmom, l love you.

Happy Birthday, stepmom. You are one of the best individuals I have ever got to know. Thank you for being so great and showing us love and care.

You were definitely a surprise I was not expecting in this life. But you are one of the better surprises I have ever had. Happy Birthday, stepmom!

Happy Birthday, stepmom! You are a blessing. One cannot be thankful enough for you to show up in our lives. You have been amazing. I hope this year continues to be one of all of us

continuing to grow together.

Happy Birthday wishes

happy birthday stepmom images

When my mum died, I thought it was the end of my life. My loving mom brought you to me and I couldn’t be happier calling anyone else mom. Enjoy this birthday mom, I love you.

You not only brought joy to my dad, you brought joy to me as well. You care and love me as if you gave birth to me. It’s your birthday, I just hope you enjoy this day, have a blast mom.

400 Birthday Wishes

I love you so much mom, you are more than a woman, you are a great lady. Thank you for accepting me and for all the love and effort you put into our relationship. Have a great birthday mom.

No one is as lucky as I, I have two moms, two beautiful mums to look up to and love me. Enjoy your birthday, mom; I hope it is the best.

Birthday Wishes for Step-Sister

Goodness, mercy and grace shall surely follow you all the days of your life. It takes selflessness to be as great as you can be. Happy Birthday, my great step mom.

Make merry, have fun, it’s your birthday. Take out that beautiful dress, those high heels, apply some make up and just have fun mom. You deserve the day off.

Birthday wishes for friends

quotes for stepmoms

The days passed by, I cried for my mom not realizing that she sent an angel in her place. Now I fully understand the love of a mother, Happy Birthday, mom.

Thank you for being in my life, for this family and being a part of it. I hope you do get to enjoy your birthday!

It’s hard for anyone to take the place of my real mom, but you did it and made me love you like my own mom. I wish you the best on your birthday. Enjoy your fun moments, precious mother.

Happy Birthday to the woman who did everything to be accepted in my life, but she didn’t know that I accept her since the first time we talked from heart to heart. Have a Happy Birthday, dear mom.

Happy Birthday to the woman whom I always considered as just the wife of my father. Now, you are more than mom to me and you deserve everything good in your b-day party. Enjoy it mom!

You are an exemplary person we follow, you are a special mentor in my life. Even if we have a step relationship, but you can be the best step mother ever. Happy Birthday to you!

one year ago, I was afraid that I will have an evil step mother that will punish me every day with no reason, but You came and changed all that in my mind. You are the sweet mom one can have. Have a fabulous birthday!

As a mother, you are a perfect one, as a sister, you can share your secrets and problems with mine to solve together. You are more than a step mom to me. Happy Birthday, cute lady!