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Top 100 Happy Birthday Poems for Friends

Happy Birthday Poems for Best Friends

Happy Birthday Poems for Best Friends: Forget the lame one-liners – a greeting card for your BFF’s birthday should be packed with super cute rhymes and short poems. Just think of all the sweet memories and funny memes of your friendship and pen them down, line after line and weave it up into a rhyme. Take a selfie with your poem and post it up on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Spend the whole day pestering your bae with wishes and messages on text, WhatsApp and what not! Follow it up with a nice gift, hugs and a party that you both will remember for a lifetime.

Top 100 Happy Birthday Poems for Best Friends


Here we have gathered a great collection of  happy birthday poems for best friends. Rhyming birthday wishes sound more fun and easy than just a greeting text. So if you are looking for the one, you are at the right place. Most of them is suitable for everyone, so choose the rhymes that you like most.

If you think that a simple birthday wish is not enough then why not send the best happy birthday poems. Why should you choose a poem?. Essentially, there’s something about these poems that makes you want to read them over and over again. Sometimes it’s funny, romantic, sweet, passionate and inspiring. Simply put, birthday poems are the best gift that you can give to your friends and loved ones. The birthday celebrant will surely appreciate those beautiful rhymes on your messages. Every verse is just amazing, so you can have the best birthday message for your loved ones.

These happy birthday poems can definitely put a smile on anyone’s face. It’s the cheerful way of celebrating the birthday of someone you love. Aside from this, it’s also the safest way of greeting people on their birthdays. Birthday poems cannot offend anyone.

How To Choose The Best Happy Birthday Poems

These happy birthday poems are very safe to send since it has happy verses. It won’t hurt anyone’s feelings. Are you going to be agitated when someone sends you a joyful birthday poem? Probably not, therefore happy birthday poems is definitely a sure thing. These birthday poems are loaded with verses that can make you smile. That’s why anyone who receives them will surely appreciate them. You can send them to your friends, colleagues, clients, and relatives.

As I’ve said, happy birthday poems are a sure thing. Which is why there’s a small chance that you might think that it cannot make anyone happy. So, what type of person hates this type of poems. Typically, sending happy birthday poems may not be appropriate for people who hates poetry. It’s also not a good idea to send a happy poem to somebody who is grieving over the death of a loved one. The best poem to send to your girlfriend, wife, boyfriend and husband is a romantic birthday poem. This one is more personal and articulates your deep feelings.

After determining if happy birthday poems are the best way to go then the next thing is choosing the right one. The key point is to select a birthday poem that can bring a smile to her/his face. Here, we will give you the greatest collection of happy birthday poems that you can send to your someone special. Greet your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, friends, brother or sister with these poems to make this special day extraordinary. We have everything here, from funny birthday messages to heartwarming birthday wishes. We also have short birthday poems. The length of the poem is not actually important. The important thing is the impact of the poem.

happy birthday poems

52 Best Happy Birthday Poems

Cute Happy Birthday Poems

You are my celebration.

Happy Birthday Poems For Him

Happy birthday to my husband, who is the reason behind my smile.

Happy Birthday Poems For Her

Holding your hand warms my heart.

Happy Birthday My Angel

My angel descended on a day like this, the heavens cried for what they would miss.

Happy Birthday Poems For Husband

Kiss me hard, knock me down, and hold me in your arms.

Happy Birthday, Dear!

I love you much more than you, I cannot get closer to you. My sweet treat I cannot refuse!

My Romantic Wish 4 U

Can you recall our tender moments… a gentle caress, a loving kiss, an intimate embrace?

Happy Birthday Poems For Friend

Every birthday is a reminder that you have one life, not endless years.

happy birthday poems

Inspiring Happy Birthday Poems

Wishing you happiness to welcome each morning.

First birthday wishes

Happy Birthday Poems For Dad

On Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest I’m going to gather a crowd.

Happy Birthday Poems For Wife

I hope your birthday cake is as sweet as you. I hope that your birthday party is as cool as you.

Short Happy Birthday Poems

Happy birthday to a Dear Friend. You’ll be special to me until the end.

Happy Birthday Poems For Wife

Happy birthday to my darling wife, who has become the center of my life.

Happy Birthday Love Poems

Sweeter than anything, I will ever taste. Passion so fierce, I can just melt away.

Happy Birthday Poems For Girlfriend

You are my girlfriend, you are my sweetheart, I am your boyfriend.

Funny Memes

Happy Birthday Poems For Sweetheart

Love is a beautiful feeling, for it is you, giving it.

happy birthday poems

Happy Birthday Mom Poems

You’re there when I am happy and sad. You’re there to guide, support and love.

Happy Birthday Husband Poems

Happy birthday to the best husband in the whole wide world.

Best Happy Birthday Wish

Wishing you dreams to guide your path, wishing you health to keep your soul happy.

Romantic Happy Birthday Poems

As I saw the twinkle in your eyes, even the brightest stars paled forever.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Mom

I can’t even imagine the sacrifice it took for you to be a wife, mother, worker and cook.

Happy Birthday Grandma Poems

Wishing you safety, happiness, and wealth… This day has been blessed by your birth!

Birthday Poems For Aunt

An aunt like you, to a niece like me, you make my life carefree and bubbly.

Birthday Wishes for Friend

Happy Birthday Love Poems For Boyfriend

Your birthday is the perfect time to wish you nothing less than favorite memories, plans, and dreams.

Birthday Love Poems For Her

I wish your birthday, sweetheart, would happen every day…

Birthday Love Poems For Him

Have I told you yet… how much you mean to me…

happy birthday poems

Short Birthday Love Poems Images

On your birthday, I am so very happy to have shared life with you another year.

Romantic Birthday Poems

If I could sing, I’d sing a song filled with love and praise.

Birthday Poems For Wife

Heaven is about tasting, the berry of your lips.

Sweet Happy Birthday Message For Her

Your love for me has always been enduring. I hope I can return it with an affection which is everlasting.

Happy Birthday Love Poems For Her

My sweet, beautiful wife, you always have been, and forever will be, the sole love of my life.

Happy Birthday Poem For Mom

You are my mom, a person only gets one mom per life.

happy birthday poems

Happy Birthday Brother Poems

You, my dear brother, were the first friend I ever had.

Belated Birthday Card Poem

I didn’t wish you, at the right time. Forgetting your birthday, was a crime.

Happy Birthday Mom

Birthday Poems For Boyfriend

I just want to let you know, you mean the world to me.

Birthday Poems For Fiancee

I promise to take you out on dates, even when we are old and wobbly.

Birthday Poem For Daughter

I’m glad there’s you to smile at me and brighten up my day.

Birthday Poems For Stepmom

Our journey together had a bittersweet start.

Happy Birthday Love Poem

Sweetie, there are things about someone that are simply stuff that you cannot shake out of your mind.

Granddaughter Poems For Birthday Wishes

Until the earth kisses the skies, roses become violets and sky blues.

Happy Birthday Poems For Kids

Stop here you see, and write a very special message to me!

Funny birthday wishes

First Birthday Wishes

Today’s extra special because you turn one!

Happy Birthday Poems For My Best Friend

Sweet words are easy to say, sweet things are easy to buy.

happy birthday poems

Best Friend Birthday Poems For Her

May your wishes come true, may all your dreams and wants comes along to you.

Romantic Happy Birthday Wish

Life became special the day you entered my life.

Happy Birthday My Beloved Girlfriend

I’m so very happy to have you for my girl.

Love Poems For Him

Happy, happy B-Day! Today’s your special day!

Best Happy Birthday Poem

Every day I hope you know how loved, appreciated, and amazing you are.

50th Birthday Poems

Say goodbye to your midlife crisis. Say goodbye to your days of struggle.

Birthday Poems For Brother

Old times, fighting, biting and scratching, our childhood went by.

Romantic Birthday Poems For Wife

You are what I crave, you are what I adore.

Birthday Wishes for Friend

Sweet Second Birthday Card Greeting

Black, brown and gray, may these shades of life never come your way.

happy birthday poems

Why Happy Birthday Poems Make a Great Gift?

A birthday can be perceived as a cheerful time. Perhaps, depending upon the celebrant’s age as well as his/her perception towards life. After another year has passed, you reminisce about your triumphs and failures. You will also remind yourself about your goals in life and reflect on the previous year. These are probably the basic things that will come up in your mind. However, the most important thing is to celebrate life and be thankful for having to celebrate it with your family and friends.

A happy birthday poem is the best way of showing your emotions. It is composed of cute rhymes and words which are solely dedicated to the birthday celebrant. Try to include those funny moments and sweet memories to your poem to make him/her feel special.

You might also want to add some selfies or photos to your poem for birthdays. It’s also great if you can post it to social networking sites. If you want to change the recipient, don’t forget to change its contents as well. Celebrate your friendship with the best birthday poem. Always remember this special moment that you spend together. The birthday person deserves to be praised on this special day. Since a birthday is truly a special occasion then why not make a handmade card. In order to make a perfect birthday card, you should accompany it with the best rhymes.

 Want to send a birthday card to your BFF? One-liners is not such a good idea. It must be overflowing with cute rhymes. Get some inspiration from your funny and sweet moments then compose it into a short birthday poem. Take a selfie together with your poem and post it on social networking sites. Send her messages on text all day long! Of course, don’t forget to give her/him a nice gift and a party that is worth remembering for a lifetime.

If you want to make a birthday poem for your boyfriend/girlfriend then think of the sweet moments that you’ve shared together. Think of the romantic things that you want to say to him/her. Gather them all together and compose a romantic birthday poem. If you want other people to see it then post it on Facebook. Obviously, if you want your relationship to last then don’t just buy any lame greeting card from the supermarket. Try to put some effort into it in order to make it extra special.

happy birthday poems

Birthday Wish

It’s your birthday time again;
It’s true; there’s no denying,
Another year has come and gone;
You know that I’m not lying.

So for you, the birthday person,
Here’s what I want to say:
I hope this birthday’s the best one yet,
In every delightful way.

So happy birthday to you.
Have lots of birthday fun!
May your birthday wishes all come true,
Even if you have a ton.
Birthday poetry can be written specifically with someone in mind. I wrote this free verse Happy Birthday message for my stepmother. You can use this birthday verse for someone you know who gives you the gift of peace.

You Are A Gift

Some people give the gift
of peace and tranquility
to every life they touch.
They are always who they really are.
They are blessedly reliable,
dependably good,
predictably pleasant,
loved and treasured
by all who know them.
You are one of those people.
You are a gift
of peace and tranquility
in my life.

Happy Birthday!

Here’s a birthday wish with wide application. It will fit neatly on a card, and you can send it to just about anyone.

happy birthday poems

Unforgettable Birthday

I’m wishing you a birthday
You never will forget,
A day packed full of pleasure,
Your very best birthday yet.

And when your birthday’s over,
I’m wishing quite sincerely
That happiness and joy and fun
Will fill your birthdays yearly!

Birthday poetry can be thought provoking, as this birthday poem is.

Birthday Reflections

Your birthday’s a time for careful reflection
About your life, and its future direction.
You see where you’ve been when you look at the past;
Most of it’s great; you had quite a blast!

You wonder what’s coming, what life has in store;
Will it be just the same? Will there be a new door?
Remember this, as you blow out the last candle:
Life holds no challenge that you cannot handle.
Birthday verse can be for people who are very close to you or for acquaintances. This free happy birthday message is for someone very special in your life. It’s perfect for a birthday card verse. It could be a friend birthday poem or even mother birthday poetry.

Every Year On Your Birthday

Every year, on your birthday,
I think about how glad I am
that you were born,
how thankful I am
to have you in my life.
Every year is another year
filled with the special joys you bring
just by being yourself.
Every year, when you open your birthday gifts,
realize what a gift you are
to everyone who knows you,
especially me.
Happy Birthday!

Happily Ever After

On your birthday, special one,
I wish that all your dreams come true.
May your day be filled with joy,
Wonderful gifts and goodies, too.

On your day I wish for you
Favorite people to embrace,
Loving smiles and caring looks
That earthly gifts cannot replace.

I wish you fine and simple pleasures.
I wish you many years of laughter.
I wish you all of life’s best treasures.
I wish you happily ever after!

Happy Birthday!

Birthday poetry should make the recipient feel very special, as this poem does. This Happy Birthday poem is perfect for a birthday card verse. Birthday poetry that rhymes, as this birthday rhyme does, makes your card special.

Birthday Happiness

As we observe your birthday now,
Your cake and gifts don’t matter much.
These common things aren’t really you,
Ribbons, paper hats and such.

We celebrate a person who
Brings happiness to everyone,
Someone who gives more than she gets,
And fills our lives with joy and fun.

So Happy Birthday, and many more!
We hope you make it to a hundred and two,
Because we always want to have
The special pleasure of knowing you.

Birthday poetry can express the value of having the recipient in the sender’s life, as this birthday wish does. Birthday poetry with a birthday gift or card will touch the heart of the birthday person.

When Your Birthday Rolls Around

Because you mean so much to me,
I celebrate your birth.
Sharing time and space with you,
Rings my bell for all it’s worth.

Whenever your birthday rolls around,
I contemplate once more,
How happy I am that you were born;
The thought makes my heart soar.

I wish your birthdays happened more,
So I could let you know,
How very much you mean to me,
And so I could tell you so!

Dear mom/dad/sister/brother/friend/uncle/aunt, Happy Birthday!

Many birthday poems are designed to be appropriate for anyone, like this birthday verse.

Happy Celebration

Birthdays are happy events,
Times when dreams come true.
So dream a good dream (and let someone know!),
It just might work for you!

Have a happy celebration
One you’ll always recall,
And be aware on this day of days,
You’re the most special person of all!

Birthday poems can express appreciation, as this birthday verse does. It’s so easy to put this birthday poetry on a birthday e-card and send it, even if the birthday person lives halfway around the world.

Birthday Thanks

Another year has come and gone;
The sands of time keep trickling away.
Your birthday reminds me to let you know
I’m thankful for you each and every day.

Front of the Line

When I think of exceptional people I know,
You’re right at the front of the line.
It’s not for your power or status or wealth;
It’s because you make everyone shine.

When I want to see someone who’s special and fun,
I don’t have to think very hard,
For one of the nicest people I know
I can find in my own backyard.

May your birthday be filled with all you desire;
You’re a person I really respect and admire!
This free happy birthday poem is a birthday verse that celebrates a very special person.

I Celebrate You

On your birthday, I celebrate you!
On your special day,
I’m thinking of all the wonderful things you are
that bring so much joy to others, including me!
I celebrate your unconquerable spirit,
that lets you meet every challenge
with confidence, enthusiasm and persistence.
I admire your sensitivity.
You see needs that cry out to be met
that no one else sees,
and you meet them,
out of your deep and caring heart,
out of your wisdom,
out of your strength.
I treasure your uniqueness;
There is no one else like you,
and I feel blessed to know
such an extraordinary person.
I appreciate you, respect you,
cherish you, look up to you.
Happy, happy birthday!
May each new birthday
be the best one ever for you;
You deserve it!

This birthday poem is designed for one older man to send to another. I said to Karl, “Honey,” women send most of the cards, and the age factor really limits the audience for this poem.” Here it is anyway, for those of you to whom it applies. Does this belong on the funny poems page? Let me know.

Happy Birthday, Old Friend

Congratulations to you, my old friend,
Birthday wishes to you, I send.
You look good for your age, I could say,
But you look good to me any day.

When I look in the mirror, I sigh,
‘Cause I know the mirror doesn’t lie.
You’re aging like me, so you see
You’re getting to be an old guy.

Birthday poems are not always rhyming poems. This birthday message in free verse expresses warm feelings toward the birthday person.

Best Birthday

It’s your birthday…
and I’m thinking how glad I am
that you were born.
You have given me so much–
supported me, encouraged me,
cared for me; I didn’t even need to ask.
I celebrate your wonderful self!
I am in awe of your boundless generosity,
your infinite kindness–that gentle inner glow
that you so freely use to warm my life.
Your birthday is as much a celebration for me
as it is for you, maybe more,
and I wish for you the best of birthdays,
the best one ever.
May each birthday be better than the last.
Most of all, I hope you will always be
As happy as you have made me.

Friend Birthday Poems

This birthday poem for a friend indicates that the sender is thinking frequently and fondly about the recipient.

Friendship Birthday Wish

Some things get better with time so they say;
You follow that rule, as my friend, day by day.
So whenever your birthday, each year, comes around,
I’m reminded of joys in our friendship I’ve found.

Because of the great friend you happen to be,
I hope you’ll be sharing more birthdays with me!

By Karl and Joanna Fuchs

A friend birthday poem that tells them how valuable they are to you can make your friendship bond stronger than ever. This free verse (nonrhyming) birthday wish poem sends sentimental hopes and wishes to your friend.

Birthday Wishes For My Friend

On your birthday,
I wish for you the fulfillment
of all your fondest dreams.
I hope that for every candle
on your cake
you get a wonderful surprise.
I wish for you that
whatever you want most in life,
it comes to you,
just the way you imagined it,
or better.
I hope you get as much pleasure
from our friendship as I do.
I wish we were sisters,
so I could have known you
from the beginning.
I look forward to
enjoying our friendship
for many more of your birthdays.
I’m so glad you were born,
because you brighten my life
and fill it with joy.

Happy Birthday!

By Joanna Fuchs

Birthday Limericks for Friends

I’ve been writing birthday poems in the form of limericks, to put in cards for friends. If you have a friend whose name rhymes with the names of my friends, you can use them in your cards. For example, your friend’s name might be Kathleen, or Colleen or Celine, etc.

A Limerick for Arlene on Her Birthday

We all know a cute gal, Arlene,
On her birthdays, she looks like a teen.
She’s vivacious and hot;
We love her a lot;
Of good cheer she’s the absolute queen!

By Joanna Fuchs

A Birthday Limerick for Lin

There is a tall beauty named Lin;
Her funny jokes make us all grin.
We laugh at each quip;
She’s really a pip!
We can’t wait for the fun to begin.

By Joanna Fuchs


Daughter Birthday Poem

Birthday messages are often sent to family members. Although I wrote this daughter birthday poem in free verse for my own stepdaughter, Kim, it’s a daughter birthday poem that you could use, too, if it fits your daughter.

For (Name), on Her Birthday

It’s your birthday, but we got the gift…
a gentle, sweet, beautiful daughter
who is always a pleasure to be with.
You glow with sensitivity and compassion
generated from the depths
of your warm heart and and kind soul.
A loving mom, a peacemaker,
a woman full of the joy of life,
that’s you.
Anyone who spends time with you
is privileged to know
such an extraordinary person.
You are a great joy in our lives.
We love you and cherish you and treasure you
and wish that every one of your birthdays
will be the happiest yet.

Brother Birthday Poem

A brother is a good thing to have, so let’s not forget a brother birthday verse!

Birthday Poem For Brother

I’m fortunate, and I’m glad
I got you for my brother;
Even if I had the chance,
I wouldn’t pick another.

I’m happy you’re in my life;
You’re my winner, come what may.
May your birthday wishes come true
On your very special day.

Granddaughter Birthday Poem

You can customize this granddaughter birthday poem by substituting something like “pretty brown hair” for “pretty blond curls.”

Special Granddaughter

There’s someone we love,
Our special granddaughter;
She’s sweet and she’s nice,
Just like Dad and Mom taught her.

She’s got a really cute smile
And pretty blond curls;
She’s a wonderful person,
The best of all girls.

We’re so glad she’s ours;
We rejoice every day;
She’s our angel granddaughter,
And we just want to say…

Sister Birthday Poem

Sister birthday poetry should make Sis feel special, as this sister birthday verse does.

Exceptional Sister

She’s one in a million,
Our wonderful sister;
She’s smart and she’s strong;
We just can’t resist her.

Sis, we’re so glad
You’re in our family;
We really do love you,
As you plainly can see.

So have a great birthday;
Know we’re thinking of you,
Giving love and support
In all that you do!

Baby’s First Birthday Poem

Birthday messages can be specific to someone’s age. Here’s a first birthday poem for baby.

Baby’s First Birthday

It’s your very first birthday, baby,
One candle on your cake;
Proud parents stare in wonder
At each new move you make.

We join in celebration,
As this special date arrives,
For baby has brought pleasure
Into all our lives.

We look forward now to seeing
How you progress and grow,
From the cute and tiny infant
You were one year ago.

So dig into your icing;
Enjoy your presents, too.
The reason for this day
Is a special person–you!

50th Birthday Poem

Birthday greetings for that big half century mark are popular. This 50th birthday poem celebrates that event.

The Big Five-Oh

So you are finally fifty;
Happy birthday on the big Five-Oh.
I guess you could fill a great big book
With everything you know.

A whole half century of living
Is nothing to sneeze about,
So if you’re a little patched and worn,
Don’t you dare frown or pout.

Ignore things that make you feel old;
It’s really great to be fifty.
You’re smart, attractive and good company,
And I still think you’re nifty!

There are lots of searches for a birthday prayer, so I wrote a birthday poem that is also a birthday blessing. If the person is “him,” change “her” to “him.”

A Birthday Prayer

Her birthday comes but once a year;
Lord, fill her day with joy and cheer;
This person who’s so very dear,
Take care of her and keep her near.

Dear Lord in heaven, bless this day;
Protect this loved one, come what may;
Love her in your special way;
In Jesus’ precious name I pray.