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Happy birthday funny meme images and pictures for friends

Happy birthday funny meme images and pictures for friends

Happy Birthday funny meme for a friend, her, him, mom, dad, sister and brother on the special day. Happy Birthday is one of the best day or events in everyone life and its a day to enjoy with your friends, lover, and family member. Nowadays, we celebrate our happy birthday like a festival, we arrange big parties and enjoy with friends and family. There are only 10% people in this world, who don’t want to make their birthday special. If you living with you family or friend or girlfriend/boyfriend, it would be very easy for you to wish them personally a happy birthday or share birthday gifts and surprise. If you living very far from your lovely friends, then only Facebook and whatsapp would work. Just to make it easy for you I have shared few happy birthday funny meme. By Sending, birthday memes you can make your loved once laugh.

Happy birthday wishes come in different styles and format and it also differs person to person, usually, people use old methods to wish their friends. But this day you should do some funny thing to make them laugh. Now a days happy birthday pranks are so popular, you can check it on google. My post will give you collection of Happy birthday funny meme images and pictures for friends.

Let’s have a look at our best collection of birthday memes. You can download any of the pic of birthday meme from here for free. Get birthday meme pics from here and share with your loved ones on their birthday on facebook, whatsapp, twitter and bring a smile on their face on their birthday.

Happy Birthday Funny Meme For Friends

If you are looking for a happy birthday funny meme then you visited on the right page, I have searched top and best images and funny quotes for you, I have spent hours to make it easy for you to collect some funny stuff for a birthday. Here, I will give you one best funny birthday memes images. I assure you that it can bring a big smile to your girlfriends, boyfriend, friends and loved ones. Scroll down and choose best birthday meme 2017 latest collection and also share it on facebook. This collection of memes is the best fit to your brother, sister, girlfriend, boyfriend, teacher, son, daughter, love, aunt, boss, classmate, co-workers, best buddy, ex-boyfriend/girlfriend and friend.

Select any happy birthday funny meme from our collection below. You can download the happy birthday meme directly from here to send birthday boy/girl. You can even directly share the meme through social media. This is awesome, isn’t it? Here, we separated the birthday memes according to the relationships. Find the best one for you.Here are the best and funny happy birthday meme to send your friends. Get the happy birthday memes for best friends. Download these happy birthday funny meme for free.

Happy Birthday Cat Meme

Happy Birthday Meme

Happy Birthday FUNNY Meme For Friends, Son, Daughter, Mom, Dad, Cat, Dog, Animals

Download 20+ Happy Birthday funny meme Free online 2017 images and animated Pictures for friends Family Members girls boys. Hey, friends, I feel you are fine and fit and you are looking for good funny stuff for your friends birthday. Don’t take it so seriously and don’t waste your time finding birthday meme on google, as I have covered up all funny images and gifs for you.

Happy Birthday makes a great importance in everyone’s life. We wait every year for our birthday date, when the date comes we should not do boring things. Some people are born in a leap year and their birthday comes once after 4 years. Do you know they feel so sad as they are not able to celebrate their birthday every year? So, Guys, You should celebrate your birthday with full enjoyment.

Happy Birthday Meme

Happy Birthday Meme

I have noticed that people always send birthday funny wishes to friends and family, they never use the funny meme. Don’t use old stuff for wishing your friend or relatives. You can download my best happy birthday funny meme collection and make them smile. When they will read you birthday meme with a quote on their WhatsApp or Facebook, I am sure they will smile for 5 minutes.

We eagerly wait for our birthday, because we want to celebrate this day with our family members and best friends and. Few people arrange a big party for birthday girl/boy so this day is equally important for both of them.

In this earth more than 5000 million people are alive, and as per the report, more than 14 million people celebrate their birthdays every day. And on the other hand, there are a little number of people who don’t celebrate their birthday because of their work. I like to tell them, please do celebrate your birth date, if you can’t spend too much, do celebrate with a smile and a little party.

Happy Birthday Meme

Happy Birthday Funny Meme 2017 Free Download

Happy Birthday Meme Funny Quotes

Can’t tell you how cute you’ll look with all that cake on your face

Happy Birthday Meme Funny

Don’t think of it as getting older, think of it as becoming a classic

Happy Birthday Funny Joke

Another year has gone, but that doesn’t mean you’ve become wiser

Birthday Meme Quotes

Hey, though it’s older, but yet it’s not better yet. Have a wonderful birthday

Happy Birthday Funny Meme


  • In the hallway? In the bathroom? On the kitchen table? In front of the chimney? At 40, it is truly remarkable to remember when you left your car keys. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy birthday! At our age, I don’t know why people expect us to remember their birthdays. On a good day, we’re lucky if we even remember where our car keys are!
  • In all the times and in all the lands there has never been a better backyard barbecue chef than you. I don’t mean that to be a hint about how you should celebrate your birthday. Okay, it is.
  • No matter if you are cute or clever, the most important thing is you remembered my birthday.
  • Well, it’s a great thing that your friends post on your facebook even if it’s only once a year, at least they have never forgotten your birthday.
  • For your birthday, I have been thinking of something grandiose, superb, and impressing. But anyway, I do not cost anything to think, right?
  • I have been looking everywhere for a decent gift, but I found nothing suitable for someone as special as you, so accept a good thought and my best wishes, accompanied by a sincere “Happy Birthday!”
  • I promise I won’t reveal your age to anyone at the party, but we should probably light your cake outdoors in case the candles catch fire.

Happy birthday meme for girlfriend funny

Here It’s your birthday. I got you a nice clown.

Happy Birthday Meme. Hope It’s pretty, pretty, pretty Good

Happy birthday funny meme Morgan Wishing you a happy birthday


  • I promise I won’t reveal your age to anyone at the party, but we should probably light your cake outdoors in case the candles catch fire.
  • May my friend on this special day be able to set all the jealous people on fire and use the flame to burn the candles and blow them off with a happy smile, a very happy and amazing day to you.
  • People may wish you many things. I only wish you two: never and always. To never be sad, and to always be happy.
  • Happy birthday! Don’t count the candles on your cake or the wrinkles on your face. Just be glad that you’re not down for the count.
  • Happy birthday. I guess we’ve reached the age when every compliment we get is typically accompanied by “for someone your age.”
  • Do you know someone I should send a Happy Birthday message to, an anniversary or anything like that? If you do know of some parties, let me know, because I have not eaten cake lately and my blood sugar level is starting to drop!
  • In the bathroom? In the toilet? On your desk? On the fireplace? At 40, it is still a great achievement to remember where the car keys are! All the best!
  • You know how most people, on your birthday, tell you, “My goodness, you never seem to age.” Well, I’m not one of them. Happy birthday, old fart!
  • This message does not contain fat, cholesterol or additives. It is entirely natural, but it contains much more sugar. However, it could never be nearly as sweet as the person who reads it. Smile and Happy Birthday!
  • 1066, 1492, 1776, and…your birthday? The good news is that they aren’t teaching the date of your birth in history classes yet. The bad news is that means I don’t have the date memorized. Happy belated birthday!
  • Whoever said that time waits for no man, but stands still for a woman of 30, is an idiot. No woman in her right mind would admit to turning 30. Happy 29th birthday!
  • Jack Benny said, “Age is strictly a case of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” But in your case, I think it matters; it matters a LOT!
  • Pope John XXIII thought that men are like wine. Some turn to vinegar, but the best improve with age. And I’m sitting here, trying to figure out whether you want vanilla or strawberry in your ice-cream. Happy 50th Birthday!
  • The first mark of aging appears when you start forgetting things. In your case, there are no such problems. You have transcended all the hassles
  • When I die, I want it to be on my 100th birthday, in my beach house on Maui and I want my husband to be so upset that he has to drop out of college.