Joyeux anniversaire belle-mère – Meilleurs messages d'anniversaire pour vous

Joyeux anniversaire belle-mère,Toutes les belles-mères sont aussi vicieux droit et monstrueux comme ils sont faits pour être dans les films et les livres. Si vous respectez et aimez votre mère-frère tout comme votre propre mère, communiquer vos sentiments à son. lui souhaiter un anniversaire impressionnant en envoyant une carte de voeux avec un cadeau soigneusement choisi. Write down a heartfelt message inside the card to tell her how much respect her. Make her day memorable by throwing her a surprise party at your place where she can spend time with family and friends. If you share a warm relationship with her, post a funny quote or a cute selfie of you both on Facebook. Let your sweet gestures convince her that you hold her in high regard and love her unconditionally.

Happy Birthday Mother In Law Best Wishes Send to you

Each person was blessed with a mother and a father in live as parents. However, having a special relationship with your mother in law can grant you the additional blessing of two mothers. To celebrate your mother in laws birthday and special relationship your marriage has brought together, the following special and unique birthday messages can encourage you to find the words to right sentiment.

Joyeux anniversaire belle-mère

You have proved that all the mother-in-law jokes out there are totally untrue. Happy birthday.

I don’t know how to write birthday wishes for a mother-in-law because you’ve never behaved like one. Bon anniversaire maman.

Cold and manipulative mothers-in-law most people have seen, but warm and caring is what mine has been. Happy birthday.

Souhaits d'anniversaire pour petite amie

I love making my other married friends jealous by flaunting a cool mom-in-law like you. Happy birthday.

If every woman had a terrific mother-in-law like you, every woman in this world would have an amazing second mom too. Happy birthday.

I’ve always seen you as my mom and you’ve always seen me as my son. We are a pair that’s one in a million. Bon anniversaire maman.

happy birthday mother in law wishes

Misunderstandings, difference in opinions and disagreements – neither of these have enough power to create a wall between us. Happy birthday.

Mon mariage n'a pas seulement me donner une seconde maison, but also a second mom. Happy birthday.

Vicious mothers-in-law are many, caring ones are few. I feel so lucky to have an amazing mom-in-law like you. Happy birthday.

Souhaits d'anniversaire pour les amoureux

A daughter-in-law cannot be perfect by herself. A beautiful mother-in-law helps her be one. Happy birthday.

We don’t just enjoy having you over for dinner, we wish you would stay with us forever. Happy birthday.

An amazing husband like mine can only be the son of a fantastic mother like you. Happy birthday.

You gave me the most amazing gift in the form of your daughter. Allow me to return the favor by becoming your loving son. Happy birthday.


When the foundation of our family is a mother-in-law like you, no force in the world can shake us. Happy birthday.

Bad vibes, malicious jibes, nasty arguments and tense moments – our relationship is way too precious for these petty things. Happy birthday.

Life has given me many reasons to be happy, thankful and grateful – one of them is you. Bon anniversaire maman.

Whether it’s my home, kids or career – for supporting me, I know you’ll always be here. Happy birthday.

Joyeux anniversaire mon ami

My friends miss me when they go out shopping, because I’ve found my new best friend in you. Happy birthday.

My wife is the most beautiful woman in the world not because she dresses so well and looks so good, but because she has got amazing genes from a beautiful woman like you. Joyeux anniversaire belle-mère.

Now that my son is married, I realize what an amazing mother-in-law you have been all along. Bon anniversaire maman.


Other mothers-in-law should take lessons from you on how to be supportive, caring and encouraging to their daughters-in-law instead of being manipulative, cold and overbearing. Happy birthday to an awesome mom-in-law.

Raising kids would have been a herculean task if I didn’t have a supportive and understanding mother-in-law like you who guided me at every stage in life after marriage. Happy birthday.

Sometimes our relationship is sweet, sometimes it is sour. Sometimes our relationship is tangy, sometimes it is bitter. En bref, our relationship is the perfect balance of sweet, sour, tangy and bitter. Happy birthday to my mother-in-law, I love you.

Souhaits d'anniversaire pour le père

The controlling, vicious and nasty character of the mother-in-law played by Jane Fonda in the movie Monster-in-Law should take a lesson or two from you on how to be an extraordinary mother-in-law. Happy birthday.

The house becomes lively every time you are around. The kids become happy whenever you visit. Your daughter feels relaxed whenever you come to stay. And as your son-in-law, I feel blessed on all of these occasions. Happy birthday.

A ruby necklace, diamond earrings, gold bracelet… I just couldn’t find a gift as precious as you. Bon anniversaire maman.


Mothers-in-law are usually painted in bad light. But you are the light that has shown our family the right way. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday to the queen bee, without whom we’d be an incomplete family. Happy birthday.

Being with you is so much fun, wish a superb year ahead, remember its just begun. Happy Birthday dear Mother-in-law. Wishing you health and happiness always.

Dear mother-in-law, today I want to reveal a secret to you. You are the mother-in-law that every daughter-in-law wishes to have. Happy birthday.

voeux premier anniversaire

Don’t think that your daughter is the only person in the world who loves you, admires you and is fond of you. I am competing with her when it comes to you. Happy birthday dear mom-in-law.

From the moment we were introduced, you always treated me like a daughter and for that I am grateful. Have a memorable birthday and never stop being as loving and as respectful as you are.

Happy birthday to the mother-in-law who has been more of a mother to me, and less of an in-law.


Crazy mothers-in-law are a myth, for mine is a beautiful reality. Happy birthday.

Your gift to me was giving birth to the man of my dreams. My gift to you is being the daughter you never had. Happy birthday.

My husband’s impeccable personality and good behavior is proof that that he had an excellent upbringing and a loving childhood – all thanks to a mother like you. Happy birthday.

want my daughters to grow up to become like you – sophisticated, elegant, charming and caring. Bon anniversaire maman.

Souhaits d'anniversaire pour le patron

Sometimes our relationship is sweet, sometimes it is sour. Sometimes it is tangy, sometimes bitter. En bref, it is deliciously perfect. Happy birthday.

With a beautiful mother-in-law like you, it’s no surprise that my wife is such a pretty woman too. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday to the lady who has been more of a mother to me and less of an in-law.

birthday wishes for mother in law

An amazing husband to support me and a lovely mother-in-law to understand me – my marriage made both my wishes come true. Happy birthday.

You’re my new best friend after marriage. Happy birthday.

Your daughter is not the only person who loves you the most in the world. I am competing with her. Happy birthday.

Raising kids would have been a disaster if I didn’t have a mom-in-law like you to save me from making blunders. Happy birthday.

Rearing a child, managing a family, achieving professional success and being a wonderful person – you’re my role model for everything. Happy birthday.

poèmes joyeux anniversaire

I always wanted an amazing husband who would understand me and a wonderful mother-in-law who would get along with me. I am thankful because God granted both my wishes. Happy birthday.

I am glad that I never understood the real meaning of mother-in-law because I always had a mother, friend, companion and agony aunt all rolled into one in my mother-in-law. Happy birthday.

I am not celebrating your birthday because you are getting old. I am celebrating your birthday because I have had the chance to spend yet another year with a wonderful parent-in-law like you. Happy birthday to my dearest mom-in-law.


I am so glad you were born on this day many years ago. If you weren’t born, you wouldn’t have married my father-in-law and I wouldn’t have had the wonderful husband I have right now. Happy birthday.

I can safely claim to be one of the few sons-in-law in the world who actually loves having his mother-in-law over for more than a week, and I owe it all to you. Happy birthday to my amazing mom-in-law.

I don’t have words to thank you for bringing a wonderful man to this world. He just being the reflection of your good breeding and the mother love that you always have given to him. Spend a happy birthday and all you dreams come true.
Souhaits d'anniversaire pour les amis

I hate to admit it but I do get jealous of your son’s undying love for you. But deep down inside I realize that the love and admiration that you command, has been earned and you deserve it completely. Happy birthday to the second mom in my life.

I love making my other married friends jealous by flaunting a cool mother-in-law like you. Happy birthday.

I want my daughters to grow up to become like you – sophisticated, elegant, charming and caring. Happy birthday to my beautiful mother-in-law.


I’m so grateful you welcomed me so kindly in your family and for giving me the trust that I need to spend good moments together as a family. Je espère que vous avez un grand anniversaire.

If every woman had a terrific mother-in-law like you, every woman in this world would have a second mom. Happy birthday to the ideal mother-in-law.

If every woman was an amazing mother-in-law like you, there would be no ugly mother-in-law jokes in the world. Happy birthday.

Voeux de joyeux anniversaire

If the words ‘in-law’ are removed from mother-in-law, all husbands and wives of this world would realize that life has blessed them with two amazing mothers, not one. Happy birthday.

If you are so extraordinary as a mother-in-law, I can imagine how amazing you would be as a mother. Joyeux anniversaire.

It doesn’t matter whether you came in my life by destiny or by choice, because I would pick you to be my mother-in-law even if I had to make a choice. Happy birthday.

It is because of you that my life has been blessed with the man of my dreams. I owe you a big one. Happy birthday to my mother-in-law.


Let this be an unforgettable day for you and may all your dreams can come true, you deserve congratulations for being such a great person. Avoir un beau cadeau d'anniversaire.

Mothers-in-law are not monsters-in-law but messiahs-in-law. They come to your help exactly when you need them. Thanks for being such a supportive mother-in-law. Happy birthday.

My husband is bound to love you because you are his mom and my kids and are bound to love you because you are their grandmother. But did you know that I am also bound to love you because you are such a loving mother-in-law? Happy birthday.

My husband’s impeccable personality and good behavior is proof that that he has had an excellent upbringing and a loving childhood, all thanks to a mother like you. Thanks for raising such a gentleman. Happy birthday.

The most amazing woman in the family deserves nothing less than an amazing birthday bash. Happy birthday to the mom-in-law who holds the entire family together.

Today I want to thank you for all the special things you do, for your loving and caring ways, your patience and kindness. Merci d'être toi. Puissiez-vous avoir beaucoup d'autres anniversaires à venir.

We have had our share of misunderstandings, difference in opinions and disagreements. But I still respect you a lot and think that you are the best mother-in-law in the world. Happy birthday.

You always put others first, dear mother-in-law. So today put work off, put some music on, put your feet up and relax on your Birthday. May you always be happy and healthy.

You are a very hardworking woman who strives for the welfare of her family. On this day you deserve to relax and celebrate in style being surrounded by people who love you. Avoir un beau cadeau d'anniversaire.

birthday wishes to mother in law

You are always fun to be with, always loving and caring. You have a special place in my world and in my heart. Wishing you health and happiness. Happy birthday.

If you are so extraordinary as a mother-in-law, I can’t even imagine how amazing you would be as a mother. Bon anniversaire maman.

You’re not my mom-in-law, you’re the mom-who-I-am-in-love-with. Happy birthday.

Technically we may be in-laws but for all other practical purposes, we are BFFs. Happy birthday.

I don’t know what I did to deserve an awesome mother-in-law like you, just like how you don’t know what you did to deserve an amazing daughter-in-law like me. Happy birthday.

We may be in-laws, but a great chemistry we share. Just like a mother and daughter, we make an awesome pair. Happy birthday.

My marriage is a match made in heaven because I got the perfect husband and awesome in-laws. Happy birthday.


My mother-in-law you may be, but a friend in you I’ll always see. Happy birthday.

You are always fun to be with, always loving and caring. You will have a special place in my world and in my heart, dear Mother-in-law. Wishing you health and happiness always.

You are one of the bravest woman I ever met, you have risked much for your kids and now you allow me being part of your family. I don’t have enough words to show you my affection, but I wish you a happy birthday.

You have proved that all the mother-in-law jokes out there are totally untrue. Happy birthday to the most amazing mom-in-law in the whole world. Having personal space can aid in offering sanity to both parties involved while using kids to find excuses to leave and exit a tense situation. Use distractions and excuses to find ways to avoid potential conflicts and gatherings.

Your birthday is full of loving thoughts and special wishes too. Because it means so much to have a mother in law as you.

The below guide provides some great tips and ideas for handling less desirable mother in laws and how to best divert from the conflict that may exist.


My husband tells me that there are two beautiful women in his life. Moi et toi. I couldn’t agree more. You are really beautiful inside and out. We are blessed to have you. Happy Birthday!

You are the joker of the family. You always put a smile on our faces. But more than that, you give us the true meaning of a happy family. Merci pour tout. Happy Birthday, ma!

You treat me more than a daughter-in-law. You showed me love and care. How lucky I am to have a mother-in-law like you. Happy Birthday. Dieu te bénisse.

I asked God to shower you with more blessings on your birthday. If you receive it do not hesitate to share it with us. 🙂 We love you more than anything in the kitchen. Happy another year.

You do not look like you live exactly half a century. You look like a year younger. haha. Mais honnêtement, I would love to look like you when I reach that age. Stunning, elegant, and confident. Cheers to another year. Happy birthday, maman!

You and my wife had lots of common. Both talks too much and hates waiting, but both of you are loving and caring. I love you both from the bottom of my heart. Happy Birthday!

happy birthday quote for mother in law

Happiest birthday to one of the most beautiful women in the world. Continue being a blessing to everyone. We wish you good health and success. Happy Birthday, ma!


If only I had one wish, I would wish you to stop working too much. You are not getting any younger in case you didn’t know. Take good care of your health. Me and your grandson loves you so much. anniversaire heureux, mère!

I hate myself for not being as good as you in cooking. I hope you would share your secrets. For now, enjoy the cake I baked for you. Happy Birthday, maman!

A million thanks to the best mother-in-law in the world. Happy Birthday!

Thank you for all your love and sacrifices. We appreciate you more than you’ll ever know. Enjoy your special day.

I am thinking of what to give you on your birthday. I end up writing this card which I’m not used to. Just want to say thank you for taking care of my family. Happy Birthday!

I have sent you an amount of money enough to give yourself a massage today. Continue, pamper yourself! C'est ton jour. Prendre plaisir!


We’ve been planning this vacation months ago for your birthday. Pack your things! We are going for a weekend vacation to celebrate your birthday. No buts and ifs. See you mom! Ooops! I almost forgot to greet you a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

I am blessed to have a mother-in-law who looks better every year, who treats us special each day, and who watched over my daughter when we are at work. Sending you my love and best wishes. We love you and we will tell you everyday. Happy wonderful birthday to you.

I was shocked when I thought that it is from father-in-law that my wife learns how to repair the leak under our sink. She told me it was you who fixes your sink because father is so big that he could not go under. haha. Both of you are incredible! Happy birthday, superwoman!

I’m sure you will look elegant on the dress I gave you. Cannot wait to see you on your big day. Happy Birthday, ma!

mother in law quotes

I think God loves me so much because He give me two awesome mothers. I will forever be thankful for that. Enjoy your party! Love lots.

I never felt the love of my biological mother, it is you who showed me what is being loved by a mother. Today, as you celebrate your birthday, let me thank you for all you have done. I pray for your success in life. God bless you with good health. Happy Birthday!

We do not care if you are getting bigger and bigger. Enjoy your pizza party courtesy of no other than your handsome son-in-law. Happy Birthday!

We always feel your love even though you are miles away from us. We wish we were there right now to celebrate your birthday. We promise to visit you soon, even if it’s not your birthday. Sending you our best wishes. Happiest birthday to you, maman!

A wonderful birthday to a wonderful woman who give birth to my wonderful wife. Meilleurs vœux.


En premier, I do not believe that you are the mother of my husband. You look beautiful all along. Where did he get his looks? Just kidding! Thank you for giving birth to my kindest husband. haha. Happy Birthday!

Another year has been added to your age. Do not worry, it is only a number. What matters most is your unending love and sacrifices for the family. Enjoy this special day of yours. Happy birthday!

I want to thank you for taking care of your daughter and now my wife all these years. I promise to do the same to her. As a gift, we will visit you on your special day. We will bring you your favorite food. Have a wonderful birthday. Nous vous souhaitons le meilleur.

I am afraid of you at first. I thought you are like any other typical mother-in-law I watched in the movies. But when I finally get the chance to know you, I think you are awesome. So I am giving you this card to say that I am your daughter-in-law who is willing to learn more about life hacks and wishing you a happy birthday. Thanks for the love.

If there is one person I want to be, I want it to be you. Strong and fierce. I thank God for giving you another year. I will pray for more years. Nous t'aimons. Happy Birthday, ma!

happy birthday to my mother in law

Sometimes I want to ask you if you have any problems because I never saw you not smiling. You are always in good mood, calme, et heureux. Argh! I want to know your secret. En tous cas, its your birthday today. You thought we forgot? haha. Bien sûr que non. I smell delicious pastas and cookies! Happy Birthday!

We are excited to visit you on your birthday. I want to taste your special pasta recipe. Hope you cook a lot for my big tummy. Happy Birthday, mère!

It’s the time of the year again. Cheers to a brand new year to your life. Enjoy and live to the fullest. Nous t'aimons. Happy Birthday, maman!

You are what? 45? 46? sensationnel! You look younger. En tous cas, do not forget to pamper yourself today. Prendre plaisir! Un anniversaire béni.

Celebrating another year again! sensationnel! Your face does not show your age. Still looking good. Happiest birthday to the mother of my wife.

You are always there whenever we need you. Now that you needs us, we promise to be there also. anniversaire heureux! You are an inspiration to us. We pray for your health. Love lots.

To the strong and independent mother of my husband, happy happy birthday! We want to thank you for everything. Enjoy your celebration 🙂

Your grandson asks me if we can go and visit you today. Then I remembered that it is your birthday. As a gift, we will stay for the weekend. Hope you enjoy your time with your grandson. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, maman!

You are such a sweet and loving mother to us. You deserve a treat. Hope you like our gift for your birthday. Enjoy and have fun. Sending our love to you. Happy Birthday, Maman!

happy birthday mother in law quotes

We are very sorry we cannot come to your birthday celebration. We wish you a happy birthday. See you soon. We miss you a lot, maman. Happy Birthday!

Le temps passe vite! It seems like yesterday since your last birthday, and today we are celebrating it again. God is so good. À votre santé! Happy Birthday, maman!

Toutes nos félicitations! You are now a senior citizen. Just kidding. Enjoy your special day! Have a wonderful birthday.

We didn’t talk that much. Thank you for understanding me all the time. Thank you for trusting me in taking care of your daughter. Happy Birthday!

We wish you good health all the time. Happy Birthday!

sensationnel! I cannot believe you are turning 60 today. Ooops! What have I said? haha. Happy Birthday!

This is a perfect time to say how much we appreciate your kindness. We are glad you remain so loving and caring. We pray to God to give you what your heart desires. Happy Birthday!

mother in law birthday

We are very excited to finally reveal to you our birthday gift. Félicitation! You are soon to be a grandma!! 🙂 We keep it a secret to surprise you. We knew you were waiting for it. And now here it is! Happy Birthday, Maman!

To the most caring mother-in-law, to the strongest woman in the family, to my inspiration… Happy Happy Birthday! Praying for you always. Love lots.

Sometimes we argue, sometimes we do not talk to each other, sometimes we are okay, sometimes we are not, but one thing for sure you are always in our heart. To my mother-in-law, happy birthday! I do not say it all the time, but THANK YOU! Thank you for taking care of our children when we are at work. Thank you for cooking dinner for us. Merci pour tout. Nous t'aimons. Me and my husband will always be thankful to you. Encore une fois, happy birthday!

Don’t get too drunk today! Rappelles toi, you are getting older. Just kidding! Enjoy and have fun. Happy Birthday!

A simple message to an amazing mother-in-law. Happy Birthday! We pray for your life. Always remember we are here for you. Nous t'aimons!

You are not happy if me and your daughter had a fight. I am sorry if we sometimes give you a problem. You are really amazing mother-in-law. Je vous remercie. Happy Birthday!