Joyeux 2ème anniversaire:Wishes deuxième anniversaire,Citations et messages

Joyeux 2ème anniversaire,Second birthdays are all about drooling over the tiny toes, chubby cheeks, funny faces and the innocent eyes. This post is a heart-melting mix of the cutest, sweetest and most adorable Happy Birthday messages for two year olds. Read them and take ideas to write your own personalized quotes on a greeting card. Whether the cutie pie is your own baby boy, baby girl, petit fils, petite fille, nièce, nephew or one of your friends’ little bundle of joy – make sure that your card goes on to become a beautiful keepsake that can be cherished decades down the line.Joyeux 2ème anniversaire:Wishes deuxième anniversaire,Citations et messages is the best collections for 2 ans.

Happy 2nd Birthday Wishes,Quotes And Messages for You

Another year has gone by and it’s your child’s Joyeux 2ème anniversaire. Even though many place most emphasis on a child’s first birthday, you most probably feel this is another really special day for your child. And you are quite right! Even if you aren’t parents however, but loving grandparents or an uncle or auntie, or even just a friend, here are some birthday wishes for anyone turning two years old.


In the melody of your parents’ lives, you are the sweetest note. Joyeux 2ème anniversaire.

Picking you up and cuddling you in my arms, looking into your eyes and being smitten by your cute charms. I wish I could hit the pause button in my life’s journey, so I could enjoy these beautiful moments in your company. Joyeux 2ème anniversaire.

Vous pouvez être juste 24 mois, mais vous nous avez donné le bonheur d'une vie. Joyeux 2ème anniversaire.

Vous êtes comme une couverture chaude. Chaque fois que je vous prends dans mes bras, Je me sens chaud et câlin. Joyeux 2ème anniversaire.

Souhaits d'anniversaire pour petite amie

Tu es le plus mignon, Tu es tellement adorable. Tu es le plus doux, vous êtes si aimable. Sans vos câlins réconfortants, le monde semble misérable. Joyeux 2ème anniversaire.

Que vous fassiez deux ou vingt-deux, tout ce que vous devez retenir est que Je t'aime. Joyeux 2ème anniversaire.

Chaque fois que je tiens à vos petits pieds, mon cœur saute un battement. Chaque fois que je prends ta petite main dans la mienne, il me rappelle que la vie est si belle. Chaque fois que je TUG vos joues rebondies, il me donne tout le bonheur que je cherche. Joyeux 2ème anniversaire.


peu de réflexion de maman, petit ange de papa, petit ami de grand-papa, petit paquet de grand-mère. Joyeux 2ème anniversaire, petit.

Vous êtes diplômé d'utiliser une couche-culotte pour assis sur le pot. Je vous souhaite beaucoup de ces grandes réalisations dans la vie. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday to the cuddly two year old hunk who is already winning everyone’s hearts with his cute charms.

I don’t know if I will be able to do what it takes to achieve all my dreams. But I do know that I will do whatever it takes to help you achieve all your dreams as you grow up into a fine young lad. Happy 2nd birthday son.

Souhaits d'anniversaire pour les amoureux

May the rest of your life be exactly like your second birthday – full of treats, goodies and the love of your family.

I look into your eyes, and I see the true meaning of innocence. I feel your little heart beat, and I understand the true meaning of love. Joyeux 2ème anniversaire.

In the last twelve months since your 1st birthday, your experience and age has doubled… and so has your cuteness. Joyeux anniversaire petit.

Congratulations for turning old enough to eat your birthday cake all by yourself. Happy birthday.


You are the naughtiest two year old anyone has ever seen. But all is forgiven because you are also the cutest there has ever been. Happy birthday.

Your cute little footsteps have carved out a path that goes straight into the alleys of our heart. Joyeux 2ème anniversaire.

This is the time to use your cuteness to get anything you want from your parents. Joyeux 2ème anniversaire.

You may be a tiny little bundle of joy… but the happiness you spread around is king size. Joyeux 2ème anniversaire.

Joyeux anniversaire mon ami

I don’t mind if you lose your baby fat and chubby cheeks, but don’t ever lose your innocence. Joyeux 2ème anniversaire.

Turning two must have been difficult – a cute toddler like you must have endured so many hugs and kisses to reach here. Joyeux 2ème anniversaire.

Happy 2nd birthday to the little girl who is destined to do big things in her life.

The only person in the world who has made us smile for two continuous years is you, mon bébé. Joyeux 2ème anniversaire.

My life has been full of ups and downs… until the day you were born after which it has only been going up. Happy 2nd birthday to my baby.

Que vous fassiez deux ou vingt-deux, you will never stop being my cuddly-coo. Happy birthday 2nd birthday.


The only reason I love my world being all blue, is because I have super cute baby boy like you. Joyeux 2ème anniversaire.

You have turned my heart into a marshmallow which melts by the warmth in your lovely round eyes. Joyeux 2ème anniversaire.

Although you can barely walk, you have conquered all our hearts. Joyeux 2ème anniversaire.

Souhaits d'anniversaire pour le père

The last twenty four months have made me realize the true purpose of my life – to be a responsible and loving dad to a beautiful angel like you. Happy 2nd birthday sweetie.

A cuddle with you, takes away my blues. A tender touch of your tiny finger, melts away my anger. I am reminded by your innocent eyes, that you are my life’s biggest prize. Joyeux 2ème anniversaire.

People spend years learning how to spread happiness and joy. You are a master at it already. Joyeux 2ème anniversaire.


Toutes nos félicitations, you have successfully harassed your parents for one more year. Joyeux 2ème anniversaire.

You are so tiny but the smiles you bring on everyone’s faces are huge. Happy second birthday darling.

You are already a celebrity in the family because everyone wants to take pictures with you. Joyeux 2ème anniversaire.

voeux premier anniversaire

Congratulations for turning two. You are two years closer to becoming a tall and handsome man. Happy birthday.

My world is an oyster and you… are its radiant pearl. Joyeux 2ème anniversaire.

Your feet are deceptively small, because your footprints on your heart are huge. Joyeux 2ème anniversaire.

There’s time until you become the prince of a girl’s dreams. Till then, enjoy being the king of our hearts. Happy 2nd birthday son.

If only… your cuteness could be stored away in a jar. Happy 2nd birthday to my baby.


I do not know how, but you have managed to look even cuter this year! Bonne deuxième anniversaire!

Happy second birthday to my dear (prénom)! It’s so fun to hear your giggles and see you run around playing!

I will never forget your first word, your first step, your first laugh. But today is your second birthday so let’s have as much fun as possible! Happy birthday, may you always be as happy as you are today!

La première année avec vous était délicieux ... Mais cette année, vous regarder grandir a été écrasante. Joyeux anniversaire à ma fille / fils précieux. je suis si fier de toi!

Souhaits d'anniversaire pour le patron

Happy birthday! Nous pensons sérieusement que vous êtes né un coureur avec tout ce que vous faites dans le sprint de la maison!! Enjoy your special day!

Vous êtes le meilleur cadeau que je ne l'aurais jamais été donné par la vie. To me, tu es parfait! Bonne deuxième anniversaire, nous sommes si heureux de vous accueillir dans notre famille!

Happy birthday! Profitez du gâteau et s'il vous plaît ne le jetez pas sur le mur!!

J'espère que nous pouvons vous offrir au moins la moitié de la joie et le bonheur que vous nous avez donné ces deux dernières années. Nous vous aimons inconditionnellement. Happy birthday!

Joyeux anniversaire petite fille / garçon! Le monde est prêt pour vous d'explorer comme vous le souhaitez!


J'espère que cette journée spéciale est seulement un échantillon de tout le bonheur et le mépris que vous vous sentirez tout au long de votre vie. Bonne deuxième anniversaire!

Il n'y a pas de son que j'aime plus que vos deux pas sur notre plancher en bois. Il n'y a pas d'odeur mieux que le vôtre. fils heureux d'anniversaire / fille, Je vous adore!

Your smile is like a most precious treasure to me. N'arrête jamais de sourire. Happy birthday!

deuxième anniversaire, Doublez le plaisir! Mangez autant gâteau que vous pouvez et jusqu'à ce que le contenu jouer de votre coeur! Joyeux anniversaire Cutie!

Congratulations for reaching this second milestone in life! There are so many more to come and they are oh so much fun! Joyeux anniversaire petit!

poèmes joyeux anniversaire

It is that time of the year again. Your toddler has almost reached the tender age of two and he is about to have his second birthday. Some people think that they are not as important as the first but you know better. So here is a list of unique, never before uttered wishes for your adorable two year old. And feel free to adjust them any way you want.

We thought we loved you as much as possible this time last year, but it seems that our love keeps getting bigger and bigger by the year. Just like you. Bonne deuxième anniversaire.

I was looking the other day at a new dictionary that has been around for two years and they have your picture in the definition of the word cute. Bonne deuxième anniversaire.

Two years ago you were born, now look at you and all you’ve learned. You laugh and play and learn in your own special way. Joy to you on your birthday.

Double the years, double the love. Bonne deuxième anniversaire.


I have to say, the funniest moment of this year was when you started making faces at the mirror. Bonne deuxième anniversaire.

A little birdie told me that you are now two years old. What fun that is to be so young! When the world is still so new!

It’s your birthday and you’re two! Oh my goodness, Que faire? Pourquoi, laugh and play! Fêtons!

Voeux de joyeux anniversaire

To my shining star on your birthday, two years ago you brightened my life. Today you brighten it still more with each beautiful smile and wondrous laugh.

First steps, first smiles, first laughs, first words, these past two years have been filled with firsts. And the year to come will be filled with more.

We are so happy that you can walk on your own now. Wait… I can’t see you. John where have you gone to? Just kidding darling, happy second birthday.


You made us very happy when you became one year old but we are absolutely delighted with you now that you are two. Bonne deuxième anniversaire

Oh, it’s your birthday my baby! It’s your birthday my doll! You’re two years old today, now lets celebrate!

This year it has been a real privilege watching you grow from a baby to a child. Je vous remercie, my baby and happy second birthday.

We had some suspicions last year, but this year we are totally sure. You are going to be President one day. Bonne deuxième anniversaire.

Souhaits d'anniversaire pour les amis

You made your dad very happy this year when you started kicking that little ball of yours. He always wanted an athlete son. je, d'autre part, am a little bit worried that you always seem to kick it towards the glass windows. tant pis, happy second birthday.

I am looking at the photos of your last year’s birthday and I cannot believe how much you’ve grown. I think we have a potential NBA player here. Bonne deuxième anniversaire, mon fils.

I can now tell you that the first year of your life was a real trial for us. But this year, our life with you was pure enjoyment. I can’t wait for the years to come, mon bébé. Bonne deuxième anniversaire.

I cannot believe how many words you’ve learned to speak this year. I think we have a linguist in the making. Bonne deuxième anniversaire.


Tu es mon soleil, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are grey, you never know, dear, how much I love you and I am stopping at this. I know you will never even try to take my sunshine away. Bonne deuxième anniversaire.

Me and your mother were really happy this year that you finally got to sleep the whole night without waking three or four times. On the other hand you have also stopped sleeping during the day. tant pis, you can’t have it all. Bonne deuxième anniversaire.

By the way you are holding onto your toys, I think we are going to have trouble teaching you how to share. But it doesn’t mutter, you are so beautiful that I am sure people are going to give you away things all the time in the future. Bonne deuxième anniversaire.

Maintenant que vous êtes 2, watch out for the younger girls. One-year-old girls drool over handsome older guys like you.

Well, you have been able to pronounce correctly all of the main characters of your favorite story books so far but this year I am reading you Rumpelstiltskin. Bonne deuxième anniversaire

By the way you are piling your toys, making castles all the time, it is now obvious to both of us that we have an architect in the making, although your ever pessimist mother sometimes gets afraid of you becoming a construction worker. Don’t worry son, we are going to love you no matter what. Bonne deuxième anniversaire.


Children at the first years of their lives are a real joy to play with. Things that seam typical and boring to grownups, such as birthdays and name celebrations can really be a memorable feast for them. When a child turns two years old, the change of bringing a gift it will actually use is very thin and any wish you may give will only be considered after several years when the boy or girl can actually read it. You are certainly unsure about what to wish for this little sweet creature that can barely walk around, so we have some readymade quotes for you to choose from and adapt to fit your little angel.

Time passes fast and here you are having double the years you had in your last birthday! It may sound unbelievable now but in a short time you will be able to ask for gifts yourself. Until then I’m gathering the funds and wish you a colorful and happy birthday!

Could you ask for a prettier gift than children? This is just the second time you are celebrating you son’s/ daughter’s birthday, but not before long he/ she will have an opinion and will of his/her own. So, enjoy the present time when you are in charge as long as it lasts. Happy birthday to your little man/woman.

Strange as it may seem, all these unknown to you people have actually come for you! You don’t need to do something special though. Just the usual mess you cause every time you are left unintended inside the house will do. I wish you a happy and untroubled life!


You cannot yet understand the happiness you spread around just by being there. I wish you keep doing this for other people around you when you grow up, aussi. Happy birthday!

Your pretty thing is already two years old! Just before you realize you have a new family member, you already have to run all day because of it! Happy birthday to your favorite trouble.

One more year of your great achievement and a nice chance to celebrate. I wish you one day have the happiness to stand by him/ her to whatever he/ she chooses to follow in life. My best wishes for your hard job, dear parents, and my sweet kisses for your angel!

Great things come in small packages, they say! If this is true, you must be a really really great thing! This year your task is more difficult, because you have to blow twice the candles you did last year. Happy birthday!

Today we all can witness the second station of what we hope to be a great and interesting journey for your little treasure. Always keep your eyes on the road and enjoy the ride for the short time you will be the driver. My best wishes and thoughts for your girl’s/ boy’s second birthday!

Seeing your sweet face behind those two candles, I can’t help but wonder what your wish for your second birthday might be. A new toy or more hugs from mommy and daddy? I wish you both!

I can find no words to express how blessed I feel to witness your little child’s growing up and complete your completing your family’s happiness. It’s already time for the second birthday and all I can wish is health and fortune for the years to come. Happy birthday!

I wish that your second birthday is second to none! Just keep crying and be sure that all your wishes will come true, thanks to mommy and daddy! Happy birthday, full of joy and colorful surprises!

Two year olds are cute, adorable and so hearty, they always smile and their cries are sweet. They like attention and sweet things. That is why it is important to throw them the best anniversaire déjà. Make the day memorable for them, so they will always know how much thought time and love you put into their birthday. Voilà quelque messages you can send to that cute, lovable two year old in your life, to show them you will always be there for them, leur anniversaire and each and every event of their life:

Birthday Messages for 2 Ans

It is time to celebrate the birthday of a brand new soul. You are only two years old after all. Your first year is mainly you pooping all over the place. Joyeux anniversaire petit.

Happy birthday to a super cute 2-years-old! You look so cute I can just eat you up for how yummy you look.

Not all moms have little superheroes as I have. Have a great second birthday my love.

2 years is a long time. I can’t believe you are complete grown. You can walk! Happy birthday!

Did you know that 2 year olds can make the harshest women or man smile? They are just irresistible to their lovable charms. Happy birthday little baby.

Happy birthday! Let’s sing for the 2-year-old. The second year of life. The next coming of a generation. Muah!

Oh my god! You are the most adorable little 2-year-old baby I have ever seen! It is unbelievable how cute you look. And you are growing up so fast, it’s like you are going to be twenty before you know it! Happy birthday!

I Love the adorable little man who walks like penguins. I love you so much, baby. Have a great second birthday.

My adorable little baby, I can’t believe how fast you have grown; I hope you enjoy this day with all that comes with it. Happy 2nd birthday love!

It’s your birthday little one, I hope you eat a lot of cake and have a lot of fun. You are amazing and I am happy to be here with you.

May you find all the world’s comfort and happy moments throughout your life. Have a wonderful birthday.

Happy birthday! There are not many 2 year olds I get excited for. But you are a loveable exception. Happy birthday my little lovely friend.

I want you to know that we love just pinching your cheeks and pulling your toes. Seeing you kick around like an adorable little monkey is one of the best things I have ever seen. Happy birthday little 2-year-old.


2 years? It’s been two years already since you have been born!? Oh my lord. Vous grandissez si vite. What am I going to do with you when you get so big! I won’t even be able to have you in my house! I’m joking. Happy birthday!

Did you know that you drove your father crazy during year one? Did you know you are only going to drive him even crazier during year 2? Well, you do now baby. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to one of the cutest little kids around. 2 years is nothing but a number. You are going to be great just watch.

I need to know something. What in the world does a two-year-old baby think about? Hopefully it’s not just bottles and diapers all day. Happy birthday. Let me know the answer to one of the world’s greatest mysteries.

What a way to go. You have become double your age. That’s wild. Happy birthday to one of the most lovable two year olds out there!

I need you to know something. You are one of very few kids that will hang out with us and one of the even fewer kids I would approve of. Happy birthday.

I often sing high praises of children. Mainly because they are so good in listening and being absolute wild. I see good things coming to you in the future. As long as you keep doing what you are supposed to. It’s going to be grand.

Happy birthday! We cannot stop talking in babble speak to you. It’s impossible to not do that when you are such an adorable 2-year-old.


Today, I celebrate the birthday of this amazing two year old, I hope you grow to be wise, hearty and always keeping it real. Tu es incroyable.

I will love, protect and be here for you always, I just want you to enjoy your birthday to the fullest, so blow off those candles dear, have a happy second birthday.

Happy birthday to my super baby, you are turning two and might I say, oh sweet baby how big you are. I wish you all the joy my dear.

You bring joy to my life, light to my dark days and I couldn’t be gladder having to share your birthday with you. I love you and hope you have a memorable second birthday.

Words alone cannot express the joy I feel being here on your second birthday. I hope you know how much you mean to me dearest.

You are going to be an amazing person someday, I can tell from the way you are now. I hope you have a great second birthday my dear.

You are a great person with a big heart and an adorable smile, I will shelter you from any harm imaginable, just be happy my sweet child and have a blessed second birthday.

I wish you all the great things this world has to offer, you are a great kid and I know someday you will change the world. Happy second birthday cutie!


I am happy to be here, happy to be part of your second birthday. I know this day will be memorable to you. You are my now and forever.

Tu es une bénédiction, a great addition to my life, I hope you enjoy this birthday with all the candy, sweets and hearty wishes. je t'aime bébé.

I am honestly blessed, to look into the eyes of such a beautiful two year old. I hope this day is forever with you. Have a hearty birthday my dear.

Happy second birthday honey, you are truly an amazing additional and I can never take you for granted. I love you, have a beautiful birthday.

Happy sweet second birthday my dear, you are going to be a great person someday and I love you so much. Have a great birthday love.

I forever hold you in high esteem, you are an amazing kid and I love you so much. I hope you enjoy the cake and sweets on your second birthday my beautiful baby.

From the day I hold you in my arms and make you sleep in my lap, you have been sheltered in our thoughts and hearts. Have a wonderful 2nd birthday my love, mon bébé.

A precious gift sent directly from heavens that complete my entity. I wish you a great happy 2nd birthday. May you have thousands of outstanding moments.

My brand new baby boy got a bit old and reaches the second milestone of life. I wish you a very happy birthday sweetheart. Tu es adorable.

My life -my baby. May you save from evil eyes and have a healthy, wealthy life ahead. Have a great second birthday.

Came straight into my lap from the heaven’s brightest star. Enjoying to share my time with you in the car. Have a great second birthday my sweetheart.

After your arrival, my life has completely changed. I have forgotten how to live free. I spend my all time with you. Wishing you the loveliest second birthday sweetheart.

You are a piece of love, God has gifted to me and say handle it with care. I love you my cute little child. Have a stunning 2nd birthday.

You are my little and security for future. You are my clone and I cannot share you with anyone. Tu es mon amour, my sweet child. Wishing you a great 2nd birthday.

You are such a prime miracle of my life in the form of a cute baby girl when I lost my all hope. May you have long life and good fortune. Have a happy 2nd birthday.

Your fingers might be little but you have cover to hold it securely that’s your dad’s big fingers. Have lovely 2nd birthday sweet child.

All my happiness and peace are concerned with your sweet smile. May your smile maintain on your face forever. I wish you a very happy 2nd birthday sweetheart.

You are the ocean of my desolate life. May your life be filled with happiness, joie, and pleasure and you spend a long prosper life. Have a wonderful second birthday.

I know this time you are too little to see what is going around your surroundings. So I am telling you this is the celebration going on the honor of your second birthday and one day I will show you these captured moments. Happy birthday, child.

You are the mom’s superhero and dad’s Prince. All the happiness and pleasure come in the way of your life. Happy birthday our sweet little hope.

You are the foundation of you parents love and you live within our hearts. Have great second birthday my dear son.

Good things come to those who wait and I had waited a ten years long period then I heard the news of your arrival. Happy 2nd birthday my child.

You are just a two years lovely child and you are too talkative. You speak in your distorted words all the time which is quite impressive and attractive. I just love it. Have a wonderful birthday sweetie.

You are the sweetest girl who put every color in my life and make it colorful. Your smile is my killing weapon. Happy 2nd birthday pretty little girl.

It’s your birthday sweetie; you get to enjoy all the cake and sweets you can have. I hope you wear that smile for the rest of the day. I love you and want nothing but the very best for you.

Happy 2nd Birthday Wishes for Son

You’re little and timid but your light is bright and glowing. Happy Birthday little man. I’m glad you’re with me. Profitez de votre grand jour.

Happy 2nd Birthday son. When I was your age, I was not privileged to have a tricycle, but you now have everything. I’m happy to see you happy.

I wish you my lovely little man good health and good strength to be a sport man when you grow up. Happy 2nd Birthday son.

The only joy that find its way into my heart today is in seeing that I’m able to provide a very good life for you since birth. Happy 2nd Birthday son.

The key to an outstanding life is in showing you the pathway of the Lord; I will do my best in showing you that path. Joyeux anniversaire fils, 2-Age!

I will withhold nothing good from you, because I want you to get the best of everything in this short life. Happy 2nd Birthday my boy.

Happy 2nd Birthday Wishes for Daughter

Happy birthday pretty little girl with chubby cheeks. I want to touch those cheeks every day. Happy 2nd Birthday beautiful daughter.

Happy 2nd Birthday daughter, I have nothing in mind yet, that I’ll want you to become other than becoming like your mother. She’s a great wife and mom.

I am determined and passionate about guiding you through the right path, you’re my little girl and I love you. Happy Birthday daughter, 2-Age!

I will do my best to give you a great life, but apply your ways to the path of wisdom and it shall be well with you. Happy 2nd Birthday daughter.

Being a mother is naturally in the making of every female, can’t believe you’re already willing to take care of me even at this age. heheheh. Happy Birthday little mom.

Your birth has brought honor to my family, may you forever be relevant and honorable in your generation. Happy 2nd Birthday dear daughter.