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Hitting the Golden mark requires a celebration, droite? Since not everyone reach the milestone (yea, with all the dreaded diseases these days) the celebrant should be thankful of the gft of life, so an spectacular party must be planned. Oui, it should not just be about the usual cakes and drinks. Make sure that your 50th birthday ideas has all the best things that can be achieved, especially if you have the budget.

Well, now that you are 50, we’re sure you can still do a lot of things. Here’s why we have consolidated a lot of 50th birthday ideas that will truly make your day extra special. These activities may be done alone, toutefois, wouldn’t it be more fun if you will spend it with the people closest to your heart?

Celebrating a birthday does not need to be expensive. It is unwise to spend a thousand if you really do not have a budget. There are a lot of affordable 50th birthday ideas that can be achieved without breaking the bank. Most often, these are handmade stuff that you can do on your own or get it from a skilled seller from Etsy and other online crafters who offer reasonable prices. Here are some of the most amazing ideas ideal for men and women.

Best 50th Birthday Ideas for Men and Women

Fun Birthday Ideas for Men

1. Funny Shirt for 50th Birthday

Wear this cool shirt on your special day.
Souhaits d'anniversaire pour les amis

2. Presonalized Mug

Personalized Mug 50th Birthday Ideas

This personalized mug can be a good give away on your 50eanniversaire

3. Memory Chalkboard

Welcome Chalkboard 50th Birthday Ideas

Place this board at the entrance where you plan to have your party

4. Cake Topper 50th Birthday Ideas

Cake Topper 50th Birthday Ideas
Oui, you are blessed to reach the 50e milestone so you must have this cake topper

5. Cheers and Beers Invitation

Invitation 50th Birthday Ideas
If you plan to celebrate while booze snorkeling.
poèmes joyeux anniversaire

6. Hoodie

Hoodie 50th Birthday Ideas
A hoodie giveaway for everyone will let them remember how you have celebrated your special day.

7. Victorinox Swiss Army®

Victorinox 50th Birthday Ideas
Have a good watch. It’s time to splurge!
Souhaits d'anniversaire pour le patron

8. Memory Jar

Memory Jar 50th Birthday Ideas

Know what your guests remember about you through this memory jar

9. Personalized Songs on CD

Personalized CD 50th Birthday Ideas

Prepare CDs as giveaways where you can add one hit song yearly, from the year you were born

10. Caricature

Funny Caricature 50th Birthday Ideas

Souhaits d'anniversaire gratuites

Funny looking caricature to remind you that you were able to reach this age
Souhaits d'anniversaire pour le père

Places to visit on your 50th birthday ideas for Men and Women

We understand how tiring and stressful planning a birthday party. If you plan to have a serene celebration alone or with your family, here are some 50th birthday ideas for you.

1. A luxurious vacation at Maldives

Shangri La Villingilli Resort 50th Birthday Ideas
Shangrila’s 5-star hotel – Villingili Resort in Maldives

2. Celebrate at the sky-high Ritz Carlton in Hong Kong

Ritz-Carlton 50th Birthday Ideas
le Ritz-Carltonin Hong Kong
Joyeux anniversaire mon ami

3. Swim at an infinity pool located in a secluded island

The Naka Island 50th Birthday Ideas
Located in Phuket, Thailand – The Naka Island

4. Visit the wild and watch Timon and Pumbaa play with Simba!

Serengeti National Park 50th Birthday Ideas
Classic Tanzania – Serengeti National Park
Souhaits d'anniversaire pour petite amie

5. Drive at the Pacific Coast Highway

Pacific Coast Highway 50th Birthday Ideas

6. Walk at the Great Wall of China

Great Wall of China 50th Birthday Ideas

7. Sleep in a castle like a King or a Queen

Solis Hotel 50th Birthday Ideas
Ireland’s 5-Star Castle Hotel – Lough Eske Castle

Unique Birthday Ideas for Women

1. Fabulous Cake Topper

Gold Cake Topper 50th Birthday Ideas
You are fabulous and gorgeous, forget the numbers!
Souhaits d'anniversaire pour le fils

2. Table Design

Party Table Decoration 50th Birthday Ideas
Golden table design – one of the best 50e idées d'anniversaire
Souhaits d'anniversaire pour les amoureux

3. 50 Balloon for your golden birthday

Golden Balloons 50th Birthday Ideas

Parties will never be complete without balloons, droite?

4. Kisses Stickers

Personalized Kisses 50th Birthday Ideas
Place these Kisses at the middle of the tables

5. 50th Birthday Centerpiece Ideas

Centerpieces 50th Birthday Ideas
Here’s another cute centerpiece to accentuate your tables.

6. Chalkboard Memory for Women

Chalkboard 50th Birthday Ideas
Place this board that highlights events of your life.

7. Tory Burch Fleming

Tory Burch Bag 50th Birthday Ideas
A Tory Burch bag on your special day won’t hurt your wallet

8. Wish Jar

Wish Jar 50th Birthday Ideas

Have an area where they can place their wishes for you

9. Photo Memories

Memory Photos 50th Birthday Ideas

Prepare a video of your different photos that will remind everyone of what you have been through.

10. Caricature Doll

Mini Caricature 50th Birthday Ideas

How about a mini caricature portrait like this?

Enjoy your 50e Birthday with Amazing Ideas

Whether you splurge or save the money by following these ,, do not forget that you have to make your day extra special among the celebrations you have had in the past. Additionally, do not forget to thank and appreciate the presence of your family and friends who have made your journey worth remembering.