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Top 50 Homemade Birthday Card Ideas and Images

Top 50 Homemade Birthday Card Ideas and Images

Homemade birthday card ideas can make this special occasion memorable. Creating birthday cards should not be stressful. If you only have a limited time then you can choose a simple one. However if you have more time then you can consider using various techniques and decorative materials. You should make your cards ahead of time in order to avoid stress.

When designing a birthday cards, it is very important to consider the celebrant’s favorites.  For instance, their hobbies, favorite colors, and others.  Include these details when creating your handmade birthday card. We can say that handmade cards are the extension of our hearts.  These cards express our love towards the celebrant.  A birthday card can bring cheer to anyone.  It the best gift for a friend, mother, father, sister, brother, boss or any special person close to your heart.  I’m sure they’ll love to hear from you on this special day.  Here are some of the best homemade birthday cards that you can create for your loved ones.  Enjoy!

Best Homemade Birthday Card Ideas and Images

The cheapest and the most simple birthday gifts are the Handmade Birthday cards. Easy to do, and when added a picture or a quote special to that person, we instantly give the birthday card a lot more meaning. If you really find it hard to make up your own card, ahead we present you ten beautiful DIY Birthday cards to inspire you.


Best birthday card ideas

Left blank for your own message, this Paperchase card depicts goldfinches during a feeding frenzy – how lovely!

Made with Love Designs

Over at Made with Love Designs, you can choose a gorgeous, personalised card that has your best friend or mum written all over it. With lovely, hand-scrawled-style text and a bold pink ribbon featuring a decorative brooch, this is gorgeously girlie.

Pink and Posh

We’re sticking with a floral theme over on the Pink and Posh site – and this personalised, handmade card will brighten up anyone’s special day.

These beautifully-designed cards are a gift in themselves. Created using ribbon and cute embellishments, they’re a step up from your average, high street shop-bought greetings card.

Folksy Birthday

Top birthday card ideas

Pop of birthday colour? You won’t find anything more multi-coloured than this card-based beauty, as seen on Folksy.com. Designed by Aberdeen-based Vikki Lawrie, this pretty pastel greetings card comes with a rustic, brown envelope – and all for less than £5, too.

My Happy Birthday WishesThe site My Happy Birthday Wishes has pulled together a blog post featuring some beautiful ideas when it comes to making your own cards. We love this one, above, which makes use of a multi-coloured cupcake case and a candle – what a great idea!


CardsbyGaynor is a lovely Etsy shop, which is absolutely choc-full of gorgeous cards. This one (above) jumped out at us straight away, thanks to its pretty embellishments and cheery colour palette.  Are you a fan, too?

Decorque Flamingo Card

Flamingos are very much in vogue at the moment, which is why I think you’ll love this quirky card on the Decorque site. Left blank for your own message, the card features exotic birds, which I’ve patterned with a pink floral chintz.

Handmade Birthday Cards for Mum

Is your Mum’s birthday on the horizon? If yes, you’ll definitely want to check out some of these pretty cards we’ve hand-selected from the Internet. From traditional cards to something a little bit different, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in our guide.

Mum Lotus Art Studio

Show your mum how much you love her next Mother’s Day with this daintily-designed card from the talented folks over at Lotus Art Studio.

Mum Purple Mountain Designs

Monochrome is the theme of this stylish birthday card for your mum, from Purple Mountain Designs. With a contemporary floral and butterfly print, this card can even be framed or popped on a cork board to add interest to a lounge, spare room or bedroom.

Mum Bespoke Verse

Cute birthday card ideas

Here’s a great card for those you want to let their Mum (or Mother-in-law) know just how much she means to them.

If your Mum is not just your mother, but your child’s babysitter, your agony aunt and your personal cleaner, this card via Bespoke Verse is definitely the one for you. Or you know, your Mum!

Made with Love Designs Mum

Number one Mum? Let her know with this fancy schmancy-looking certificate in card form. It’s from Made with Love Designs and it’s ideal for Mums with a touch of class about them. So everyone’s Mum, then.

Decorque Flower Card for Mum

 We never disappoint here at Decorque when it comes to lovely-looking cards for Mums. This blue floral one is no exception; it’s been lovingly-designed by me on embossed card and features a striking blue carnation in the middle – just gorgeous, we’re sure you’ll agree.

Handmade Birthday Cards for Grandma

“Grandma, we love you. Grandma we do.” Name that tune! Actually, the clue’s in the name. Pick out a card perfect for your Nanna with our selection of the very best handmade cards for grandma. Take a look…

Etsy Grandma

Etsy is a real wonder of the Internet, thanks to the many arts and crafts you’ll find on the site. You’ll love this grandma handmade card, which features a bold, colourful font and a really nice message on the front, too.

Papyrus Online Card

Papyrus Online has some lovely cards, like this carnation printed one. We just had to share this one with you; it’s super pretty, with a flower that looks almost 3D.

Not on the Hightstreet Grandma Card

Is your grandma the best? Don’t forget to tell her! Not on the High Street saves the day, thanks to this simple yet stunning card via Chapel Cards.

Decorque Turquoise Blosson Card

At just £1.45, this beautiful handmade card – on a white background with soft turquoise ombre tones has opaque layers of blossom and branches. A lovely handmade card for a Nanna (or even a sister, auntie or friend), it’s also ideal for any occasion.

Handmade Birthday Cards for Aunt

Does your Auntie mean a lot to you? Make sure you don’t forget to let her know. And thanks to this cute and quirky selection of handmade birthday cards for Aunt, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

 Susie Dog Card

Susie is the name of the designer who created this fun card (above), which features a picture of a dog and his owner. If you’re stuck for ideas when it comes to what kind of card to pick, those that have a fuzzy little dog or cat on are usually a winner!

Psychedelic Floral Aunt CardWith a bold font and psychedelic floral print, this handmade card has your cool, young auntie written all over it.

 Just The Right Gift Aunt CardWant something that bit more special? Just the Right Gift offers handmade cards that can come with personalisation, too. We’re huge fans of this one, above.

 Purple Handmade Aunt Card

My birthday card ideas

Simple and striking, this white and purple handmade card has a purple-loving auntie written all over it. And you can’t help but smile at that cute slogan, too.

Tilt Art Aunt Card

Glitter? Check! Embellishments? Check! This card is ‘totally’ worth the money. Head over to Tilt Art to get yours!

Happy Birthday Auntie Hand,ade Card

With a chic design, this ‘Happy Birthday Auntie’ handmade card offers a simple look for the Auntie who doesn’t like too many frills and fuss. Are you a fan, too?

Stephanie Short Staionery Aunt Card

Well, would you look at this beauty of a handmade card! It’s over on Folksy via Stephanie Short Stationery’s page. And at just £1.95, it’s not a bad price for a hand-finished piece of greetings card art like this.

Handmade Birthday Cards for Sister

You’ve grown up with your sister, so it’s true that few people will know each other better than you do. Show her just how well you know her by choosing the right handmade card for her ahead of her next birthday. To help you, we’ve picked out a few:VeraLaLune Sister Card

This Etsy card, available at VeraLaLune’s shop reminds us of the hundreds and thousands you get on a birthday cake – yum! It really does look good enough to eat, doesn’t it?!

Yo Sis Card

 There’s no mistaking that this is a bold card! If your sister likes a statement when it comes to greetings cards, she’ll love this miniature piece of art via Folksy. Once you’ve given it to her, there’s absolutely no reason why she can’t frame it for her bedroom wall.

Five Dollar Shake Sister Card

Fabulous sister? What she needs is a retro, Marilyn Monroe-inspire card from the equally retro Five Dollar Shake.

Jenny Arnott Sister Card

Lovely birthday card ideas

If you’re always chuckling about a treasured old photo of the two of you, why not add it to your sister’s next birthday card? Jenny Arnott has it covered with this beauty of a card, over on Not on the High Street.Balloon Sister Card

Nothing says ‘Happy Birthday Sister’ than a load of colourful balloons. We like this one, which has been hand-painted for the ultimate in card-based art.

Decorque Bird Sister CardOffering a pretty pop of colour almost as soon as your sister opens the envelope, this vibrant card has been lovingly designed by Lesley R Stevens.

Handmade Birthday Cards for Girlfriend

From the quirky to the very, very cute, we’ve rounded up some of the Internet’s coolest cards for your girlfriend’s birthday.

V&A girlfriend card

A fun card direct from the V&A’s online shop, it shares a love of animals and insects. And with a fun phrase on the front, we bet it’ll be right up your other half’s street.

Clear Creations Anniversary Card

If it’s your anniversary, make sure you don’t forget it! Get organised and hit ‘purchase’ on this handmade card from Clear Creations.

Flamingo Girlfriend Card


Flamingos again! But with good reason; they’re just so popular! We love the dainty little legs attached to these birds, who are on standby to fly in and wish your girlfriend a special day. Not literally, you understand.

DIY Birthday Cards

Fancy making your own card for your girlfriend? Top Inspired has put together a piece containing the 10 best DIY birthday cards to make for your other half. How cute are these button people, above?Pretty Pink Woodland Butterfly Card

We think you’ll be crushing on this pretty pink woodland butterfly greetings card from my Decorque site, which is ideal for your girlfriend.

Handmade Birthday Cards for Wife

Put a note in your diary to remember your wife’s birthday – you’ll be glad you did. To save you the time looking for a handmade card for your wife, we’ve found some of the loveliest ones online. Read on…Rose Wife Birthday CardFlowers and cake are always a winner – in real life and on cards. Take a look!

Etsy Wife Card

Etsy never disappoints when it comes to unique cards – and this one is no different. Travel mad couples will love this geographical-themed card, which features a lovely little slogan, too.

eBay Wife Card

Now, here’s one for the soppy, lovey dovey couples. That you? Hotfoot it over to eBay – your new favourite place for handmade cards for your girlfriend.

Heart and Butterfly Decorque Card

Pink to make the girls wink! This heart and butterfly handcrafted card I created at Decorque is simply stunning; don’t you agree?

Handmade Birthday Cards for Fiancé

Want to let your soon-to-be husband know how happy you are that the pair of you are going to get married? Take a look at some of the greetings cards we’ve discovered online…

eBay Finace Card

This card, available via eBay, can be personalised with your fiancé’s name – and the date of your upcoming wedding. A nice touch, don’t you think?

 Etsy Fiance Card

A bit of humour never fails to put a smile on someone’s face – and we bet your fiancé will love this Etsy winner.

Not on the High Street Fiance Card

This card (above) might be simple in design but it gets the message across! It’s another reason to check out some of the great designing talent over on Not on the High Street, we say.

Decorque Red Butterfly Card

A bold, butterfly printed card with an equally vibrant red background, this card – available from the Decorque site – is bound to be flutteringly good idea.

Handmade Birthday Cards for Sister-in-Law

She might not be your biological sister, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve a birthday card! This year, make your sister-in-law top priority and spoil her rotten on her special day. For some hints, here’s some gorgeous handmade cards we think she’ll like.

Sister in Law Birthday Card

It does what it says on the tin, this card: lets your sister-in-law know that she’s the bees’ knees, in your mind.

Etsy Bridesmaid cARD

How will you ask your sister-in-law to be your bridesmaid? We’ve found the answer – and it’s genius! Thanks Etsy – and the Invites by This and That shop we found this on.

A is for Alphabet Sister in Law Card

Another sister-in-law card with a message that hits the nail right on the head. In fact, take some time to have a look around the ‘A is for Alphabet’ shop, as there’s some real card-based delights to be discovered.

Handmade Birthday Cards for Nan

From a huge vase of flowers to a humongous box of chocolates, there are plenty of ways to let your Nan know how much she means to you. Just don’t forget the handmade card while you’re at it!

Nan 80 Card

If your Nanna’s due to hit the big 8-0, you really can’t go wrong by selecting this Happy Birthday card via an independent cards seller on Amazon.

Nan Balloon Card

This pink, made to order card can be personalised with your own message. For a Nan that loves a special thought, this is the perfect gesture.

Decorque Polka Dot Dog Card

Here at Decorque, we have a barkingly good idea for your Nan’s next birthday – this pink, polka dot card featuring a golden retriever. What do you think?

Handmade Birthday Cards for Daughter

We know how it is; it’s so difficult to find a nice card from the high street card shops. So don’t be dashing around last-minute this year. instead, check out some of these lovely greetings cards that are bound to raise a smile.

Lotus Art Studio Daughter

Lotus Art Studio offers a host of pretty cards, but this one is our favourite. With an ornate-looking bird cage on the front, this simple card features a host of dainty embellishments.

Janie Wilson Birthday CardYum! This card – by Janie Wilson – certainly looks good enough to eat.

 Fays Studio Daughter Card

 Fay’s Studio has come up trumps with this stylish, monochrome card featuring a lovely message to your daughter on the front.

Decorque Cards Daughter Card

Is your daughter truly special? Say it via a pretty card.

One of my own favourites on my Decorque Cards site, this butterfly and rose card has a lover of all things girlie very much in mind.

 Folksy Daughter Birthday

A large blue ribbon is the focal point to this Folksy creation, which can be personalised with your daughter’s name.

Handmade Birthday Cards for Him

While some men don’t even bother buying cards for their nearest and dearest, there’s no denying that they enjoy getting one of their own – and especially when it’s a nice-looking one like one of these…

Decorque Typewriter Card

A cool piece of art with a typewriter as the focus, we’ve come to your rescue yet again at Decorque Cards with this retro take on a greetings card.

Janie Wilson Birthday Boy Card

 Janie Wilson’s site is choc-full of cards – and when all else fails and you’re struggling to decide which card to get, go with one that features a picture of beer! Not to generalise, though…

Pink and Posh Birthday Card

 Pink and Posh are going for a nautical theme with this 21st birthday card for him; does it get your vote?

Oh Deer Birthday Card

Oooh, we do love a good laugh – and this card is fun, fun, fun! Take a look for yourself over on the Ohh Deer site.

Handmade Birthday Cards for Dad

Dad Car Card

It’s true that Dads love cars, so make his day with one in card form.

Ebay Dad Card

Sibling rivalry always rears its head at birthdays. Who got the best card? Who gave the biggest gift? Head over to eBay and this year you’ll win the coveted title!

Retro Telephone Dad Card

We love this retro telephone! And if you reckon your Dad would too, you know what to do!

Peacock Dad CardOooh, this one features a peacock feather. Enough said!

Simple Dad Birthday Card

Simple, but it may well be right up your Dad’s street nonetheless!

Handmade Birthday Cards for Grandad

You’ve remembered to buy your Dad’s card ahead of his next birthday, so don’t forget your Grandad’s, too! We’re helping you find exactly what you’re looking for with our card-based tip offs, below:

Clear Creation Grandad Card

Clear Creations has helped us out once again, by providing this little lovely of a card. Birds, dogs and umbrellas all feature – surely some of your grandad’s favourite things?!

Handmade Grandad Card

Here’s a handmade one that has the thatched cottage homeowner in mind. We think your grandad will love it!

Karenza Paperie Grandad Card

If your grandad’s a real classic, he’ll definitely want to receive this card via the Karenza Paperie site.

Handmade Birthday Cards for Uncle

Your Uncle deserves a treat, but if money’s tight, he’ll appreciate a card. Keep his interests in mind and pick one that perfectly sums him up. Maybe one of these will do it…

40 Decorque Card

Help your Uncle celebrate 40 years with this well-designed card I made for my website, Decorque.

Not on the High Street Uncle Card

Combining all his interests in one handy card, this Not on the High Street favourite is guaranteed to please.

Pink and Posh Uncle Card

Want to personalise your card for some added pizazz? Look no further than our friends at Pink and Posh, who’ve created this stylish birthday card for all the uncles out there.

Handmade Birthday Cards for Brother

You’ll be in a spot of bother with your brother if you forget his birthday! So, we’ve saved you a job by finding some lovely-looking cards you might like online.

Brother Booze Birthday Card

Want to ensure your brother’s birthday’s a corker? Look no further! This booze-themed card is guaranteed to hit the spot on his next birthday.

Folksy Birthday Brother

Simple is often the most stylish – and we’ve got to say, this Folksy card has us sold.

Purple Mountain Designs Brother Birthday

Achieve a birthday hole in one with this golf-inspired card via the site, Purple Mountain Designs.

Handmade Birthday Cards for Boyfriend

Want to treat your boyfriend to a card he can keep? Look no further than our round up of some of the coolest cards out there for men.

Leopard Decorque Card

There’s something very cool about this leopard, just chilling out on a tree. We think your boyfriend will love him too; take a look over on my Decorque site.

Wooden Etsy Card

Could this wooden card be any cuter? We thought Etsy was all about standard, paper-based cards? We thought wrong!

First Hand Cards Boyfriend

A boxed card, you say? It doesn’t get any fancier than that. Head straight over to First Hand Cards to pick out your favourite.

Folksy Boyfriend Card

Ha! You can’t beat this fun card, above, which we bet more than a few couples can relate to. Hit up Folksy to get yours.

Lotus Art Studio Boyfriend

A spot of monochrome magic again here, thanks to Lotus Art Studio. As it’s so simple, we say this could well be the answer for the man who’s notoriously hard to buy cards for.

AlliHopper Boyfriend Card

Another cutie! This one’s from the very talented AlliHopper, over on Not on the High Street. Know someone who’d love to buy these for their other half?

Boyfriend Vintage Beer Card

A posh beer, Guvnor? Mine’s a vintage!

Handmade Birthday Cards for Brother-in-Law

If you’re always forgetting your brother-in-law’s birthday, this year will be the one where it doesn’t slip your mind. And when you have stylish cards like these to choose from, you’ll have every reason to remember.

eBay Brother in Law Card

While it looks a little dated, blokes who love all things retro will like this beer card, as seen on eBay.

Personalised Brother in Law Card

If you like your cards personalised, Claire will help you with her gorgeous range here on the Internet. Add in your own name and send it to your brother-in-law; he’s bound to like it.

Pink and Post Brother in Law Card

Pink and Posh rarely disappoint, do they? This skiing card is the ideal choice for any brother-in-law who loves their winter sports.

Handmade Birthday Cards for Son

Does your son deserve a very special birthday? Then what he also needs is a special card to go with it. As if by magic….

Etsy Son Card

You could buy yourself this one, cos…well…you know…it’s very complimentary. Thanks Etsy!

Coulson Macleod Son Card

Haha, we love this card by Coulson Macleod. Lots of laughs for the birthday boy here.

VW Camper Van Son Card

What could be cooler than a VW Camper? a VW Camper with a big blue button as a spare wheel? So cool and not too expensive, either.

Handmade Birthday Cards for Friends

Where would you be without your friends? Share a chuckle or chortle with your bestie with this selection of greetings cards. Oh, and they’re all handmade too.

Paperchase Birthday

Paperchase has some gorgeously designed cards for her and him. We can’t stop looking at this intricate flower print one. Does it get your vote, too?

Wine Friend Card

Wine is always the answer! So why not add it to your friend’s card, too? The only thing (almost) as good as wine? A poem about wine!

Decorque Red Butterfly Card

This card’s so cool we just had to mention it twice; it’s my Decorque red butterfly card, which features a bold print and is left blank for your own message.

Retro Friend Card

Music often brings friends together, so why not ‘blow his or her trumpet’ with this music-inspired card. Available on the Coulson Macleod shop online, this is a true retro delight.

Handmade Birthday Cards for Best Friend

Sip Sip Hooray Birthday

We love this pretty ‘Sip, Sip, Hooray’ card, which is just perfect for your best friend.

Bored Art Site Birthday Card

If you’ve got some time on your hands, head over to the Bored Art site and make your own birthday card for your bestie.

Best Friend Ever Card

 Is yours a friend ‘til the end? If so, you really can’t go wrong with this card.

Handmade Birthday Cards for Kids

For kids’ birthdays, it’s tempting to pop down to the high street to get a standard card with a standard badge on it. Don’t! Instead, take a look at some of these….

Panda Print Kid Card

How could you say no to this funny little panda print card? It makes a change from the Fireman Sam/Spiderman/Paw Patrol one you usually get your little one – and it’d look great in a frame, too.

Little Duck Card

Is there anything sweeter than this little duck? No, we didn’t think so either. Waddle on over to Ohh Deer to buy this little cutie.

Secret-Safari-main-600x600A safari scene has got to be the best scene on a card. Ever. Your kids will love this one.

Handmade Birthday Cards for Lover

Whether you’ve been dating for days or weeks, don’t forget your lover on their birthday. It doesn’t take much to remember to buy a card, after all. Take a look at some of our top picks.

Gin Birthday Card

If you suspect that your lover likes gin more than you, we have the perfect card for him.

V&A Museaum Birthday

A lovely lady (or gent) deserves an equally lovely card. We’re huge fans of this Chinese blossom print creation, from the V&A Museum online shop. You?

Valentine Decorque
So very pretty! This Valentine’s card I designed for Decorque Cards can be bought now and saved for later – well, there’s nothing like being organised, is there?

Handmade Birthday Cards for Grandpa

Grandpa is often easily pleased, but this year go all-out! The good news is the Internet has loads of fab cards he’s guaranteed to like. Here are just some of our favourites…

80 Decorque Card

Need an 80th card? Chic and very celebratory, this lovely handmade birthday card – one of my personal favourites on my Decorque site – features plenty of wine and a big ice cooler to put it in.

70 Five Dollar Shake Card

Five Dollar Shake is getting to be something of a regular in this piece – and we’ve got to say, this 70th birthday card is very cleverly-designed!

Folksy Birdsong Card

We’re over on Folksy again for the last time, as we just had to share with you this birdsong card. How adorable is that little blue chappie on the front?!